Jay Younger is a public art curator, artist and educator with over thirty years of professional practice.


Jay has undertaken public art projects within State Government, Local Council, and Corporate contexts. Since 1998 Jay has completed seven permanent public art curatorial projects, which range in both budget and client objectives. Diverse curatorial approaches have been realised for artistic, educational, medical/scientific, judicial, and parkland leisure contexts and include the acclaimed Brisbane Magistrate’s Courts. Currently Jay is curating a large scale sculptural screen for Queensland Performing Arts Centre which is in design development.


Jay has a thorough knowledge of the artistic field and contemporary ideas relevant to integrated art and architecture practice, which is vital to delivering innovative and engaging projects. Her research base is extensive having completed two undergraduate visual art qualifications and three Postgraduate qualifications in education and visual art and in 2011 she was awarded her PhD within the arena of public art practice (jointly supervised between the visual art and architecture areas of UNSW).


As an experienced public artist herself, Jay has great insight into the guidance and management of artists within the creative process. In her artistic capacity, Jay has worked extensively across media including site specific installation, sculpture, photography, sound, video, and multi media. In 2011 Jay produced two new major installation artworks — one a kinetic hydraulic installation and the other a video and kinetic sculpture installation. All of Jay’s creative abilities are utilised to solve challenging and ambitious problems within a dynamic collaborative process.

Art Practice Keywords:

Photography, Public Art, Installation


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Collaboration/ Collaborator names Keywords:

Qld Artworker’s Alliance, That Contemporary Art Space, The Observatory, AXIS Art Projects



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