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26 August 2016

CALL OUT – OPEN Feature- Artist-Run Memoir accounts- we are currently seeking eight additional artist-run memoir accounts. There is a $150 artist fee available. The deadline is September 15, 2016 ( please note, yes, your non paid artist memoirs can also be contributed up until December 10, 2016, thanks so much for your participation and engagement.)

500-1500 words plus one to three archival images to illustrate your account.

And an overview here ( to be updated soon)

From “Ratbags” to “Rat Poets” Contribute Your 500 Word Stories – CALL OUT for contributions by December 10, 2016


1980-1990 Brisbane Queensland Artist-Run heritage – Contribute voluntarily i.e non-paid to help us grow this lo-fi open source online archive here.


JUNE 2016 – Please note that unfortunately due to limited funding available paid contributions with a modest artist fee / honorarium have now closed for the April 2015- June 2016 Stage and from July 2016 – December 2016 we are seeking voluntary i.e non-paid contributions to the site.

JULY 2016 – Please note that if you have kindly shared content for the archive we are experiencing delays and we will attend to your content by December 30, 2016, thanks for your patience and understanding, we are truly grateful for your encouragement and your participation.


ARI Remix is being designed as a not-for-profit archive and eresource in the spirit of today’s open source, creative commons attention economy. Where possible these shared archival resources have been reproduced here for study, research and educational use with appropriate acknowledgements and permissions if available.


Voluntary Community Contributions Content can be submitted online into these areas.


  • Artist ephemera, photographs, audio or video
  • One to three artist-run related ephemera images, i.e. invitation, poster, postcard, flyer or photograph
  • Artwork or exhibition/installation photographs, audio or video artwork you are happy to share online on the archive.


Kindly note that in order for us to include an audio or video artwork in the public archive it will need to be provided to us as a url link for a third party hosted site like Vimeo, You Tube, Soundcloud etc so we can share it through the site.


Each ephemera item will need accompanying contextual information including: title, name of artist (s), name of designer of archival resource, date(s) of birth, venue, date and notes for the 1980-1990 project, provenance (ie. Where the resource resides now), relevant attribution of and accreditation to the copyright holder if known.


A modest artist fee is available, see below.



  • Artist Biography – 50 -150 words about you written in third person.
  • Artist resume – one to two A4 page artist resume – for example 1980 to now with your contact details, this project is designed to be both archival and to provided added professional development opportunities for artists.
  • Useful url links- your artist/design website and related links you would like to publicise and share.


  • Up to 500 words about the artist-run space/project you were directly engaged in with up to 3 accompanying images. Include links to any online content.


  • Micro memoirs, asides and vignettes – provide us with your story to be featured in the ‘OPEN’ section.


  • Blog Post or Relevant News Item for the REMIX.ORG.AU Blog.

ARI NEWSLETTER – January 2016, September 2016 Issues

We plan to produce three newsletters for the ARI Remix Project, these newsletters will combine content generated for the site since January 2013 and included alongside new content at each of the three deadlines below. The newsletter is being produced in a digital format online not as print media and is also not-for-profit. ARI Remix Newsletter is shared via the platform as a simple way to extend and broaden audiences for the site and promote the interviews, archives, asides and content resources shared to the to new audiences, digital communties and unique-users interested in arts and culture and in artist-run heritage.

View Issue 1 “The Scene” Here:


If you have a 300-500 word story or memory and one to three digital images you would like to include and share in our upcoming newsletters you can submit it here.


ISSUE ONE: January 2016
ISSUE TWO: to be advised in August 2016
ISSUE THREE: to be advised in September 2016

June Update 2016
Artist Fees for ARI Remix Participation – Now Closed
Voluntary community contributions content is welcomed and is ongoing between August – December 2016.


NB : Archive Copy Only

April 2015

Each artist – up to 30 artists only- so first in best dressed- who shares, stories, photographs,  images and interviews is entitled to a modest artist fee based on 2014 NAVA artist schedule of fees  and will need to sign a standard Arts Law of Australia interview release form and image copyright release for your participation mindful this project is being generated and populated in the spirit of todays creative commons zeitgeist as a way to enrich the internet with artist histories not art histories.

Written Interview – $280

Short Story up to 500 words – $120

Archival Photograph, up to three images only – $80 per artist

Or if the artist elects to do so a modest $100  artist honorarium san be paid in lieu of these fees

Additional photographs, archival resources and ephemera are welcomed and these can be provided in-kind.

There are also a selection of three oral histories being undertaken now the artist fee for these interviews is negotiated one on one by ARI Remix Project Co-ordinator Paul Andrew

Thanks for reading, thanks for cutting, copying, pasting, sharing and remixing….