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Eugene Carchesio


Born Brisbane 1960; lives and works in Brisbane

Eugene Carchesio collects the images that emerge from the subconscious. Since the early 1980s he has built a solid reputation producing small scale watercolours and minute sculpture. Carchesio’s works fuse plays with geometric patterns and figurative symbolism. Through his subtle images Carchesio attempts to create an ontological space emptied of the clutter of everyday life, in which imagery from the subconscious can emerge. His considered placement of interlocking shapes alludes to the science of mathematics and highlights his interest in the purity of shapes and geometry. There is a distinct emphasis on process in Carchesio’s intimate works, this becomes manifest through the visible inconsistencies and variations of pigment application that can be observed in his works.


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Various Private Collections



Born 1960 and Lives & Work in Brisbane, Australia.

Solo Exhibitions
Long Day’s Journey Into Night, Milani Gallery, Brisbane
Sleepwalker, Milani Gallery, Brisbane
Stars ignite between the death of mountains, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne
Circles. Squares. Mountains., Milani Gallery, Brisbane.
Blood of Hercules, Milani Gallery, Brisbane.
On Nothing, Sutton Project Space (with Masato Takasaka).
Interplanetary light transmission drawings (volume two), Sutton Gallery, Melbourne
2008 – 09
Someone’s Universe: The Art of Eugene Carchesio Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane.
Mysteries of the self, Milani Gallery, Brisbane.
the birth of saints, Bellas Milani Gallery, Brisbane.
52 works ascending and descending, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne.
everything takes time takes everything, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.
Peace on Earth, Bellas Milani Gallery, Brisbane.
The Empty House, Bellas Milani Gallery, Brisbane.
Eugene Carchesio, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne.
Mortal Kings, Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
Heliocentricities, University of Qld Art Museum.
Cosmic Theories, Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
Australian Representative, 10th Indian Triennale of Art, New Dehli, India.
Lift Project, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.
Sutton Gallery, Melbourne.
The Jon & Eugene show (Collaboration with Jon Cattapan), Bellas Gallery , Brisbane.
On Contemporary Silence, Artspace, Sydney; IMA, Brisbane.
dead leaves of tokyo, Bundaberg Art Gallery, Bundaburg.
from nothing, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne.
patterns and forces, Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
dead leaves of tokyo, Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
Sutton Gallery, Melbourne.
Bellas Gallery (Collaboration with Anne Wallace), Brisbane.
Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
Sleeper, Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide.
Self portrait as 52 days, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne.
The Truth of Opposites, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne.
Landscape, Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
Interpreter, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne.
Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture, Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
Eternal Mystery Paintings, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne.
Interpreter, Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
Museum of Silence / European Ghosts, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne.
Works From The Museum Of Silence No’s 52-64, Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
From Silence (collaboration with Victor Meertens), Deakin University Gallery, Geelong.
In the Light of Things (collaboration with Victor Meertens), Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
European Ghosts, Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
Here (123 Works), 24 Hour Art, Darwin.
Store 5, Melbourne.
187 Works For The Peoples Republic Of Spiritual Revolution, Institute of Modern Art.
Someone’s Universe, Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
13 Pictures For The Peoples Republic Of Spiritual Revolution, Store 5, Melbourne.
Believe in the Mystery of Things, Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
No Flag I’m Just Waving, arch lane Public Art, Brisbane.
Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
John Mills Annexe, Brisbane.
Energy Question No.123, Mini MOCA, Brisbane.
Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
One Flat Gallery, Brisbane.
Ash Room, One Flat Gallery, Brisbane.

Selected Group Exhibitions
Fieldwork: Artist Encounters, SCA Galleries, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney
9/11, Moana Art Space, Perth
Score for a Scene, TCB Art Space, Melbourne
The Kaleidoscopic Turn, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
2011 – 12
Ten Year of Contemporary Art: The James C Sourris AM Collection, Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.
Hybrid & Folklore, National Gallery Victoria (performance).
Super Deluxe, Artspace Sydney Biennale (performance).
(to) give time to time, Mildura Palimpsest.
Roundabout, Wellington Art Gallery New Zealand.
Light from Light, Queensland State Library & Shanghai State Library.
Hongqiao International Art School (performance).
Room 40, Kickarts Cairns (performance).
National Works On Paper, Mornington Regional Gallery.
Paint(H)ing, Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide.
Recent Australian Drawing, Heide Museum, Melbourne.
I walk the line: New Australian Drawing, MCA, Sydney.
+/- , Monash University, Melbourne.
21:100:100 One hundred sound works by one hundred artists from the 21st century, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne.
Under the Influence: Art & Music, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane.
Multiplicity, Victorian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne.
Store 5 is… Anna Schwarz Gallery, Melborurne.
From the ephemeral to the eternal, University of SA Art Museum, Adelaide.
Papercuts, Monash University, Melbourne.
Asia Pacific Triennale, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane.
Phenomena, Ian Potter Museum, Melbourne.
The Australian Paper Art Awards, Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne.
Phenomena, Art Gallery of NSW.
Spin Me Round, Metro Arts Brisbane.
On the brink, Heide Museum of Modern Art.
Home and Away, The Chartwell Collection, Auckland.
A Letter to Picasso, Postmaster Gallery, Melbourne.
Drawings, Brisbane City Gallery, Brisbane.
Metamorphosis, Mornington Peninsula Gallery, Mornington.
On Dialogue. Contemporary Australian Art, Haus am Waldsee, Berlin.
International Biennial of Watercolours, Slovenia.
Reference Points, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane.
Familiar and Strange, Seoul Arts Center, Korea.
Artist’s Books, Brisbane City Gallery and Museum.
Carnivales des animaux, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne.
Salon, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.
Unsighted, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.
Artrage, ABC Video project.
Aussemblage, Auckland City Art Gallery; National Art Gallery, Wellington.
Moet & Chandon National Touring Exhibition.
21,600 each 24 Hrs, Boardroom Four, Canberra Travellodge, Canberra.
Strangers in Paradise, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney and Korea.
Eight Artists, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne.
9th Biennale of Sydney, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.
Medium Density: Contemporary Australian Drawings and Photographs, Australian National Gallery, Canberra.
Above the Lake / Below the Sky, Benalla Art Gallery, Victoria.
Strangers in Paradise, Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea.
Savage Club Invitational Prize, McClelland Art Gallery, Langwarrin, Victoria.
The Caboose, Ars Multiplicata, Sydney.
Collecting Art, Maquarie Galleries, Sydney.
Domino I, Ian Potter Gallery, University of Melbourne.
Moet & Chandon Touring Exhibition.
Contemporary Australian Drawing, Museum of Contemporary Art, Brisbane.
From Silence, Deakin University Gallery, Geelong.
Abstract Art, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney.
Microcosm, Gary Anderson Gallery, Sydney.
First Draft, Sydney.
Signals, Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
Correspondences, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane.
Architecture of Light, Mori Gallery, Sydney.
Only Life, Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville.
Question of Belief, Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia , Adelaide.
Australian Sculpture Triennial, National Gallery of Victoria ,Melbourne.
Balance 90, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane.
In Full Sunlight, First Draft West, Sydney.
Can Queenslanders Draw ?, Museum of Contemporary Art, Brisbane.
Collaborations, Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
In Full Sunlight, 10,000 feet, Melbourne.
In Full Sunlight, Aglassofwater, Brisbane.
Tower of Babel, Watters Gallery, Sydney.
Victory over the Sun, First Draft, Sydney.
Uncommon Knowledge, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane.
Cosmos, City Gallery, Melbourne.
Your Collection Revealed, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane.
Australian Perspecta, Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Axis-File, New York.
Centre Gallery, Gold Coast.
(I)magical Poetics, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.
Site of Execution, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne.
Living Money, Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
Third Australian Sculpture Triennial, 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne.
Distillation, John Mills National, Brisbane.
Bellas Gallery, Brisbane.
Young Contemporaries, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.
THAT Space, Brisbane.
Guttersnipers, Watters Gallery, Sydney.
One Flat Exhibit, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.
One Flat Exhibit, George Street, Brisbane.
No Names, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.
Community Arts Centre, Brisbane.
One Flat Gallery, Brisbane.
Schonell Theatre, Brisbane.

Recordings (selected)
Mud of Life
101 Compositions For An Abstract World
Songs Humans Shouldn’t Sing
Shadows Stole My Breath
Believe In The Mystery Of Things
Improvised Abstract Folk Songs For Hope
The Spirit Starves
Solo Improvisations (Vol 1 +2)
Patterns and Forces
D.N.E (Human Crutch)
D.N.E (47 Songs Humans Shouldn’t Sing)

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