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AAANZ Conference 2016 – Round Table with artist Brian Doherty – Artist Talk





Art Association of Australia and New Zealand Annual Conference 1–3 December 2016, Australian National University, Canberra
Session title: Artist-run practices, the work in conversation


A roundtable discussion with Dr. Ann Schilo, Peter Anderson, Brian Doherty and AAANZ Conference 2016 attendees and guests.



Brian Doherty discussion abstract
Title: The work of art as social project
“After all, contemporary art practice isn’t just what’s exhibited on the white walls.”
(Louise Rollman, Living Archives In Focus: Satellite Space (1999-2001) – Interview with curator & researcher Louise Rollman,



” In Brisbane the decade of the 1980s saw the development of a very large, very diverse and highly connected art scene. That scene was a space where many people with different agendas, backgrounds, experiences and knowledge came together, socialised, debated, collaborated and conspired to negotiate their own way of being in the world. It was an odd space. It was not exactly private space nor entirely public. It was dynamic and experimental and challenging on many levels. It envisaged cultural change, fomented discourse, transmitted specific and hidden knowledges and experimented with practices to enact change in the real world and lived experience.”