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By Joanne Choueiri

28 NOV – 5 DEC 2020  | ‘Archive of Loss’ commemorates the demolished buildings of Brisbane and Queensland of the ‘70s and ‘80s creating an archive of physical and psychological loss.

‘Archive of Loss’ gathers approximately 60 buildings demolished under Premiere Sir Joh Bielke in the ‘70’s and ‘80s around Brisbane city and Queensland in an archive that commemorates their loss.



Organised in an obituary format, the archive highlights the loss of each of the buildings through text and photograph. Through the material and psychological loss of a building, the city starts to slowly lose its collective identity.



The exhibition showcases a fictional archive that addresses the lost buildings constituting a milestone in the fight towards the conservation of heritage buildings in Queensland. By doing so, the stories and memories of these spaces are unearthed and brought forth as part of the city’s architectural and social history.



Joanne Choueiri




Joanne Choueiri is an architect, researcher, and artist from Beirut, Lebanon. Her trans-disciplinary training allows her to work at the cross-section between art, architecture, and research. Her research focuses on possible speculative narratives of space, interiors, and the city. With her work, she has participated in several exhibitions in Milan, London, and Rotterdam. Before moving to Australia, Joanne was a lecturer at the Lebanese American University of Beirut. Currently, she is a PhD candidate and instructor of architecture and interior design at Griffith University, Australia.