Cultural Advice: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that the ARI Remix Project contains images, voices or names of deceased persons in websites, photographs, film, audio recordings or printed materials.

ARI Remix Newsletter [Winter Edition 2020] – (Re) Presenting February to August 2020 – Stage Three – A Queensland Remix 1970 to NOW – Covid-19 Digital Engagement



We at ARI Remix hope all is as well as can be as this newsletter lands in your email inbox. This Covid experience has been a good time to sift through the archives and locate hidden art ephemera, exhibition documentation and write a few blog posts about Australian artist-run cultural heritage. We thought we’d share a few highlights this month from the work happening behind the scenes during this third and final installment of the ARI Remix participatory archives initiative this year.






Crowdfunding is a vital part of sustaining artist-run initiatives and keeping the Australian arts ecology biodiverse. Please donate to your local ARIs if you can. Things are particularly challenging during this Covid-19 climate as many ARIs have had to close or produce vibrant online engagement programs. Here is a crowdfunding event held at That Space in December 1985 during the first year of operations ( so much volunteer labourand outlay  involved as you know)  which helped raise funds for producing a monthly photocopied newsletter; which eventually became a zine format, admin, postage and ongoing studio and gallery costs.


(Re) Presenting – An Ultra Violet Experience – That Space Fundraiser December 1985 – Fluoro Show [Group Exhibition] – The Shared Camera



Scott Ferguson is Brooke Ferguson and Erika Scott. The tracks available here are of one-off recordings made between December 2014 and July 2016 of collaborative experiments in live performance, music, and spoken word.

Scott Ferguson (Re)Presenting – April 2020



Simply put, the Women’s Art Register is a living archive of the work of thousands of women artists – cis, non-binary and trans inclusive. The wholly volunteer organisation uses their precious time to do so much more than anyone outside would imagine, and, as one of their volunteers, I have found their efforts to document and advocate for female artists in Australia incredibly inspiring.


(Re) Presenting – International Women’s Day Feature 2020 – The Women’s Art Register, Melbourne by Taya Shania, Women’s Art Register volunteer and art history student



“Our place-projects are influenced by the context and the consequences of living within a constantly changing relationship with the landscape. Working in the dynamic post technology condition of photography this work is materialized in the form of visual narratives as artists’ books, photobooks and images.”

Victoria COOPER + Doug SPOWART


(Re) Presenting C.R.A.P. and the Centre for Regional Arts Practice – Victoria Cooper + Doug Spowart Founders: Centre for Regional Arts Practice



“Seeking Artists, Designers, Writers, Photographers, Students, Print-makers, Book Lovers, and Creative Personalities” – this was the call to arms in our national artist book project that ended up spanning three years and multiple countries. Coordinated from a grass roots DIY artist -run space hidden up a stairway on the main street of Toowoomba, Project: art journal flourished as an annual inclusive opportunity to complete a blank passport-sized art journal however you pleased…


(Re) Presenting – Grassroots & DIY – Project: Art Journal – three years of DIY artist books – Made. Creative Space Toowoomba: a social memory 2011 by artist Elysha Rei (Gould)


burning… (for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night)

This video documentation is a 3D software recreation of burning… as it was shown at at Bartleme Galleries, Brisbane in 1994.

(Re) Presenting – May 2020 – Artist John Waller – burning…(for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night) – Bartleme Galleries 1994



Having lived away from Australia for the best part of fifteen years, it has been a very interesting undertaking to re-emerge as what can only really be termed a senior artist. That’s what the numbers add up to at any rate…


(Re) Presenting – The Brothers Gruchy – Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery – July 2020



Warning: Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that this essay contains images and names of Aboriginal people who have passed away…


(Re) Presenting – Deny / Denial / Denied – Artist Roberta Joy Rich – August 2020



It’s grey, overcast, windy and borderline raining. It’s pre-COVID19 thinking…


(Re) Presenting – Melbourne Art Book Fair Reflections – by artist Roberta Joy Rich – August 2020



Queer TV UHF Channel 31 – 1980s and 1990s Sydney –  Interested in adding your activist story or images to this community based archive and memory space, just add your words and images and url links in the comments thread below …thanks DIYers…:)


(Re) Presenting – Queer TV 1980s 1990s Sydney CATV UHF Channel 31 – Community Group Queer Activism



During a self-directed artist residency in Clinton Street in New York City’s lower east side during 1988 a series of art documentary audio interviews were conducted with a series of artists and arts workers who were actively involved in independent artist-run activities in NYC 1988.



(Re) Presenting – AXIS Art Projects ‘Does New York Exist?’ Media Art Collective Interviews – BNE- NYC 1988 – 2021 [post in progress 2020-2021]






ARI Remix is a passion project with ten thousand hours of enthusiasm volunteerism involved to make it happen and stay online [2011-2021]. Thanks to everyone who is helping with this year’s crowdfunding campaign we are getting closer to the $7,500.00 goal to help preserve the archives and help offset the monthly digital infrastructure, web hosting and IT fees. We are extremely grateful for your generosity and thoughtfulness!!!!


Help Preserve ARI Remix Community Archives Project


Image [Header] : Weeping Women Performance, That Space held on opening night of Eugene Carchesio and Steven Grainger exhibition, 1986 Photo: The Shared Camera. Pictured- Adam Wolter, Jane Richens and Andrew Wolter foreground)







I started writing about Activities from my own memory but soon realized that I needed connection with other people from that time…



Student Union Cultural Activities in the 1980s – A Collective Memoir – Dianne Heenan





My boyfriend Robert and I are invited to our neighbour Thina’s 21st Birthday. It’s a costume party and is to be held on the pool deck of Brisbane’s newly opened Hilton Hotel…




ARI Remix issue 1 – Edited by artist designers Brian Doherty and Jane Richens with polyvocal contributions from artists and arts workers…



ARI REMIX issue 1 the scene –

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