Cultural Advice: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that the ARI Remix Project contains images, voices or names of deceased persons in websites, photographs, film, audio recordings or printed materials.

ARI REMIX PROJECT NEW WORK GREENLIGHT [Not Postponed] – Reframing art ephemera creatively and politically through social memory – Artists adapting collectively in the spectre of COVID-19 safe spatial distancing & spatial isolation – Project One Stage Three – Arts Queensland Arts Investment Announcement and Open Call Out for Voluntary Social Memory Contributions March to November 2020

Dear ARIs, artists, researchers and readers were are truly delighted to let you know that Arts Queensland has just this week officially announced the recipients of QASP Arts Investment for 2020 creative projects and we have a greenlight for an expanded living archives new work.




The multiperspectival open source ARI Remix collective have been fortunate enough to be recognised by peer review as a Queensland-based arts collaboration of ‘cultural significance’  with national potential. An expanded Stage Three collaboration [ A Queensland Remix 1970 to Now] has been included on the list for new Queensland Arts Showcase Program funded work collaborations in 2020 and until completion in December 2021.




This Stage Three project will largely take the form of 16 new works by artists as future memory workers writing accounts of the hidden histories, voices and records of Queensland’s vibrant independent DIY artist-run continuum since 1970, in both urban and rural contexts.




ARI Remix proposes that it will feature up to 32 past, present and emerging artists directly or indirectly involved in Australian artist-run initiatives. Artists who are today working with, re-imagining, remixing and making accessible and discoverable their physical and/or online art ephemera collections through cultural storytelling at a collaborative participatory social web archive artwork located here:




About Stage Three – at a glance
 – ARI Remix Community Archives Project: Living Archives, Artist-Runs Past Present Future: A Queensland Remix PROJECT ONE STAGE THREE – Queensland Artist-Run Heritage 1970-NOW (2020- 2021)





Presenting and re-presenting forgotten, untold and hidden stories by artists, co-creatives, peers and cohorts who together built upon, extended and broadened the foundations of the 1970s experimental art ecology. The project collectively reframes lost art ephemera through cultural storytelling in the form of artist memoirs, artist interviews, artist profiles, artist-run initiative profiles and key examples of past, present and emerging DIY and DIT artist/artist-run art publishing records richly illustrated digital copies of art ephemera resources.




ARI Remix Artists Stage Three – a plan of approach




A collective of 32 artists who have already expressed interest during the past 18 months in directly participating in the living archives will be represented during this third and final stage of Project One. Keep an eye on the socials for these new social memory works as they are posted online.







Artists as ever are early, imaginative and agile adapters to social conditions. COVID 19 is here and also presents opportunities for digital and community-based social engagement. Reflecting and writing a social memory for ARI Remix, creating a new blog or generating a series about your art practice for social media are examples of ways to stay home, stay up to date, stay safe and stay creative.




Maybe keep an eye on arts related COVID 19 crisis measures here:





If you too have an interesting  and ‘lost, hidden, unvalued or undervalued”‘Australian ARI cultural heritage story to volunteer, write and share, kindly send your story to this email address below for a reply.




Make sure you send the Australian ARI (Past, Present and/or Emerging) story in a word document up to 600 words with up to six captioned digital copies of the art ephemera you would like to feature and share on this expanded living archive collaboration.








[remember to replace ‘at’ used here with @ as the actual email address]








Local and National Focus




International Focus




We are truly grateful to a collective of over 300 artists so far who are making this community-based unfinished ongoing and open ended living archives collaboration possible and socially-useful.




We are immensely grateful to the many kind souls who are helping with donations towards the projects digital infrastructure and sustainability costs. If you can humble help, please do and thanking you in anticipation:)

Help Preserve ARI Remix Community Archives Project (2011- 2021)


Love, hugs and collective well-being wishes,


Paul Andrew xxx:)


Artist & ARI REMIX DIY Coordinator March 18, 2020

PROJECT ONE – Stages One & Two
of this project are supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and have been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. Stage Three of this project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland


Industry Advisory Note: COVID-19 Response

This Industry Advisory Note is intended for NAVA Members and our colleagues in the contemporary arts sector across Australia. This document is not offered as health advice nor health emergency management advice. As circumstances change, this advice may change.

Please note: In kind memory and reflection contributions are invited after May 15 2020 based on Covid-19 impact. Please keep an eye out for updates as things unfold in 2020. Thanks, stay home, stay safe, stay creative xxx