ARI Remix- Artists Reconnecting

Artists reconnecting with artists. This is perhaps the most enjoyable and satisfying part of undertaking a research project like ARI Remix. Artists who have contributed in immeasurable ways to the vibrant arts and culture scene in Queensland we know today.

I would like to acknowledge these artists listed below for their invaluable contributions to and enthusiasm for both the Queensland ARI  social media page and the development of the ARI Remix Project we are building and growing here “live and online” over the next seven months.

Artists who were active in the 1980-1990 artist-run scene and here today in a re-iteration of the impulse that activated an unprecedented proliferation of largely Brisbane based artist-runs.

Artists I would like to acknowledge six months into developing this public archive dedicated to beginning to redress the black hole of Queensland artist-run heritage, many who have taken the time and thoughtfulness to write letters of support addressing the need and demand for this project including Peter Anderson, Michele Helmrich, Brian Doherty, Jane Richens, Jasmine Hirst, Barbara Campbell, Angelina Martinez, Racheal Bruhn, Sally Hart, Jay Younger, Virginia Barratt, Michelle Andringa, Sheridan Kennedy, Barbara Heath, Rebekah Fogaty, Chrissy Feld, Fleur MacDonald, Maria Fillipow, Deborah Fisher, Deborah Fenwick, Jane Grigg, Urszula Szulakowska, Belinda Gunn, Di Ball, Anna Zsoldos, Anne Maree Reaney, Jennifer Young, Lindy Collins, Sue Ryan, Diena Georgetti, Georgina Pope, Lisa Smith, Jeanelle Hurst, Jo Besley, Vikki McLeod, Jane Doyle, Christine Turner, Sue Palmer, Dale Chapman, Adam Boyd, Russell Lake, Ian Wadley, John Waller, Brendan Smith, Shane Kneipp, John Willsteed, Hiram To, Donald Holt, Ivan Nunn, David Holden, Martyn Sommer, Steven Grainger, Adam Wolter, David Crouch, Kenn Bushby, Ken Bull, Luke Roberts, Ross Wallace, John Stafford, Kent Johnson, Jeff Gibson, Tim Gruchy, Brad Pimm, Mark Louttit, Durian Hashhish, Peter Lightbody, Tony Moore, Andrew Campbell,Doug Spowart, John Hawker, Malcolm Enright, Harley Stumm, John Dean, Carl Warner, David Gorton, David Gofton, Chuck Alotta, Martin Mackerras, Damien Ledwich, Mark Ross, Matt Mawson, Robert Munday, Jon Adams, Michael Eather, Ian MacIntosh and the many artist who have engaged, participated and contributed to the social media page.

Artists, co-creatives and peers I would like to thank and acknowledge who have been instrumental in getting this project up and atom during the last twelve months of development including Cassie Doyle, Louise Denoon, Helen Cole, Rachael Haynes, Gillian Fuller, Sarah Waterson, Liz Stokes, Linda Dement, Joanna Kambourian, Julie Barratt, Sam Creyton, Marion Conrow, Sarah Follent, Tfer Newsome Andrew MacNamara, Short Stack Productions, Ross Harley, Olivia Bolton, Anastasia Murney, Travis Dewan, John Tonkin,

I would like to kindly acknowledge the support and kindness of institutions including Johan and Aileen at the IMA, Courtney Pederson at QUT, UNSW, the amazing UQAM team and GU and publications including the crews at Eyeline Magazine and BNE Art. Clare Williamson and The State Library of Victoria, Sally Hone at The State Library of NSW ,the team at The State Library of Queensland including Gavin Bannerman, Swee Wong and Catherine Cottell and GOMA Librarian Jacklyn Young.

I would also like acknowledge artist Lorna Brown for her inspiration and support from Ruins in Process, Brad Pimm from Talk It Down, Dennis Remmer from the BNE Project

I would like to acknowledge you the reader and thank you for taking the time to engage with the ARI Remix Project while its in the early stages of development and the artist-run heritage research is growing.

Yours in deepest gratitude,

Paul Andrew

ARI Remix Co-ordinator

PHOTO: Artist Sally Hart with one of her amazing poster designs: High Rent Low Life featuring Leah Cotterell. Street Arts circa 1986.

And below a few of the many Queensland-born or Queensland-based artists and peers reconnecting now. Pictured: Sarah Follent, Hiram, To, Jay Younger, Angelina Martinez, Brian Doherty, Jane Richens and Paul Andrew. Thanks Thai Wi Rat in Fortitude Valley for the humble hearty meal and for this great fish eye pic.