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Marysia Lewandowska – What Can Art Institutions Do?

What can art?

“..reinstating pulses, the importance of ephemera..”

19 August 2015

Remix Collective members Brian Doherty, Jane Richens, Lyndall Milani and Paul Andrew attended at Marysia Lewandowska’s Institute of Modern Art talk in Brisbane.

Marysia is working with the IMA during this 40th IMA anniversary year. Marysia spoke about the shift in institutions in the last 40 years and “the economy of art” , Marysia acknowledged the people who are visible and invisible in institutions and the people who are excluded from this process called memory. Of particular note was her emphasis on the way that art is always “co-produced”.

On the following day along with artist and designer Malcolm Enright at a meeting held informally at 424 Brunswick Street; once the site of Brisbane artist-run projects including Belltower and O’Flission, together discussed the archiving of Queensland artist-runs post 1980 and a series of converstaions around what Marysia identifies as perhaps a broader shift in attitude globally during the past 30 years: “a paradigm shift of culture from a culture of permission to a culture of acknowledgement”.


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Women’s Audio Archive

A new project using materials from Women’s Audio Archive (originally established in London in 1985) explores the possibility of changing the status of the collection from a private resource, to a publicly available one. By contacting original contributors, a set of negotiations promoting a non proprietary approach to creative use and re-use will launch the project. Negotiation inquiries about and tests the bureaucratic processes present in cultural production, at the same time demonstrating generosity of individuals touched by those processes. Central to the project are concerns related to the overwhelming climate of permission, the limitations which shape artists’ and others’ ability of participation as well as dissemination of their ideas through a networked public realm. Several outcomes, including a live event at CCS Bard will lead to establishing an online presence of WAA.

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