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Mashing Up the Archives- Artist-Run Heritage – Queensland 1980-1990

Gratefully acknowledging the many artists so far….

“From Duchamp to Damien Hirst, artists have consistently challenged the idea that meaning ascribed to objects is permanently fixed. All cultural artifacts are open to re-appropriation. As with much else, technology has made this process easier and more visible. The news report, the cult TV show, the summer blockbuster, the chart hit or iconic photograph – all are open to endless reinterpretation by anyone with the right software. As Cory Doctorow puts it: the Internet is “the world’s most efficient copying machine.”


Editor’s Note: Ben Murray is the editor for The Space, a digital art non-profit organization in the UK and was a former BBC digital editor- see link below…

Since November 2012 many of the artists directly involved in the artist-run scene in Queensland 1980-1990 have reconnected and are turning their home archives topsy-turvy.


By way of a mash-up photo essay acknowledgement here, I would like to express my gratitude to all the artists engaged in building and growing the ARI Remix Project so far…..not everyone has been photographed along this shared archival impulse journey so far , sometimes we are so deeply immersed in tete a tete memories, forgotten and remembered from thirty years ago that we simply forgot to take a photograph……



Paul Andrew


ARI Remix Project Co-ordinator