Cultural Advice: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that the ARI Remix Project contains images, voices or names of deceased persons in websites, photographs, film, audio recordings or printed materials.

Season Salutations- ARI Remix Community Contributions Feature

ARI Remix – Season Salutations

Wishing you all the best for this Summer.

Thanks one and all for your kind attention and participation throughout the year. I am truly grateful.

Together we are growing, building, contextualising and nuancing a shared public archive about the hidden, lost, displaced, neglected histories of the 1980 to Now Queensland artist-run scene .

Piecing together the labyrinth of ephemeral traces, fragments, discarded bits and pieces and brief accounts of direct lived experience would not be possible without your immeasurable contributions, recollections, personal challenges, participation and good grace. Any archival project like this; aimed at providing a broader and truer account of the neglected past is at once historical, relational, emotional/affective and self-affirming.

Perhaps the greatest consolation so far it that so many artists are reclaiming their deepest sense of agency, their own artist histories in relation to many others and finding the phoenix in the ashes of memory.

ARI REMIX- Community Contributions- LIVE

Just a reminder that all archive contributions; for all site features including the next three issues of the ARI Remix Newsletter, can now be made directly via the ARI Remix archive here. Thanks again for the shared resources, stories, conversations and interviews so far:




ARI Remix Project Co-ordinator

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Photo: Performance Week. Performance by Michelle ANDRINGA. Pictured l to r- Eugene CARCHESIO, Christine CHANCE, Michelle ANDRINGA. That Contemporary Art Space, 1986. (Photo: Paul ANDREW)