Cultural Advice: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that the ARI Remix Project contains images, voices or names of deceased persons in websites, photographs, film, audio recordings or printed materials.

Engage Participate Contribute – The ARI Remix Project – Stage One- Queensland 1980-1990

Engage Participate Contribute

Since December 2012 the greater part of the research and development for this artist-run heritage project has stemmed from collaborations on this social media page. If you were an an artist, co-creative or peer directly engaged in the 1980-1990 Qld artist-run scene please join us here to participate.


We are also collaborating with the daao here to add Queensland-born or Queensland-based artist names to this important online database of Australian artists and designers, please add and share your details here:

And if you prefer to contact the Project Co-ordinator Paul Andrew directly about the ways you can contribute your analogue to digital archives to share via email:



Two Profiles

And two profiles republished here by way of a brief contextual outline:

A brief overview about the ARI Remix fyi: -The Queensland Remix- 1980-1990 Qld Artist- Run Initiatives (ARIs)-Public Archive and Digital Heritage Project – 2015-2018

The Queensland Remix transmedia project is a new collaborative and interactive artist-run eresource mapping the unmapped diversity of the 1980-1990 Queensland Artist-Run Initiative Scene.

Presenting the untold stories of the artists, co-creatives, peers and cohorts who together built upon, extended and broadened the foundations of 1970’s ARI experimental art scene.

The emphasis of this artist-run project; a digital communities re-iteration of the analogue 1980’s artist-runs represented in these archives, is to foreground 1980-1990 artist-run collaborations, collectives and their ephemera, artworks, interviews and useful links, a word press site richly illustrated with analogue to digital a​rchival images​ , sound/audio art, videos, super 8 art works, artist publications​ and resources.


And from the social media page link above:

Neglected Histories- 1980-2000 Australian Artist-Run Culture Heritage Eresource.

Relational Aesthetics

“a set of practices which takes as their theoretical and practical point of departure the whole of human relations and their social context, rather than an independent and private space.” (Bourriaud 2002: 113)

Social Media Education, Study, Research, Resources Focus Group –

Call to Queensland 1980-2000 Artist Run Space (ARS) and Artist-Run Culture (ARC) aficionados.

1) ” Ephemeral Traces: Brisbane Artist Runs”

The University of Queensland Art Museum UQAM is proposing a Winter 2016 “survey” exhibition about the Brisbane artist-run space/initiative scene (1982-1988) with the working title ” Ephemeral Traces: Brisbane Artist Runs” potentially including diverse ARI spaces like E.M.U, One Flat, Belltower Studios, Redcomb House, The Interface Project, O’Flate Art Safari, A Room, Jewel Palace, John Mills National, The Observatory, THAT Contemporary Art Space, THAT Annexe, Jumbo, Bureau, Arch Lane Public Art, AXIS Art Projects being researched now by UQAM Curator Peter Anderson.

Ok, needed for research for this 1982-1988 artist-run period: precis of details of documentation, metadata and captioning held in personal archives, news, updates, email contacts, memories, stories, anecdotes, ephemera, photos, invites. Links to artworks by artists held in public or institutional collections. Info of who retains copyright in artworks, photos and images.


Stage One- 1980-1990 The Queensland ARI Remix ( NB: Stage Two – 1990-2000 Qld ARI Remix is proposed for development in 2016) is an interoperating source site for the UQAM exhibition and a related Transmedia public archive project designed to last long after the UQAM exhibition closes.

This social media research methodology has been in development since November 2012 . will be designed as a moderated wordpress ezine style site with a community contributions methodology in mind allowing artists , “infrastructural activists” and archivists to upload images and eresources documenting – or related to -1980-2000 ARC digital heritage.

This is a multiplatform project designed to tell the untold stories and begin to address the neglected histories of over 200 artists directly engaged in Artist-runs in Qld, NSW and ACT during 1980-2000.

The small idea- working directly in collaboration with Peter Anderson’s 2016 UQAM exhibition is to broaden, extend the academic survey methodology with artists points of view, testimonials, ephemera,photographs, videos, super 8 film and related archival resources.

During the 1990’s, after the spate of demolitions in the 1980’s, ARI’s continued to prosper in Brisbane, AGOW, Brutal, Boulder Lodge, Omniscient, The Farm and many others continued the project of Qld ARI endeavour from the preceding two decades.
At we are collaborating with the daao to help populate this important artist and designers database with Queensland artists:
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(Pictured Above) Masked Chess Set Street Performance, Little Roma Street, Brisbane ( Demolition Show -The Observatory Gallery) – 1986 Photo: David Holden, Artist: Angelina Martinez, Mask Designs: Jane Richens. Were you here in Little Roma Street on the day too?