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Telling Untold Stories- The Fashion Archives



The ARI Remix collective would like to acknowledge with gratitude the groundbreaking work of The Fashion Archive’s researchers and project leaders Madeleine King and Nadia Buick. In particular for their support for this artist-run focused Living Archives project during the past two years and for their elegant online publication mapping archival resources about the histories of Queensland fashions and fashion designs.



Perhaps one of the most distinctive qualities of 1980’s Brisbane was it’s melting pot aspect. Artists and designers reclaimed the city, its then affordable though short lived inner CBD studios and empty spaces in the lead up to side spread demolition in preparation for Expo 88. The cross pollination between “sectors”, the interdisciplinary impulse of the arts, culture, design, media, music, venues, clubs, popular culture, events scene was, and still is palpable.



DIY culture had taken Brisbane by storm, small scale artist-runs and small design houses were prospering.



Design houses including 2 D Design Belltower, Maria Cleary Design, Anna Bourke, Different Tangents, Glamourpussy to name a few.



In the era when high art,  popular culture  and mass culture merged in unprecedented ways, when UK and US based fashion magazines like ID, Blitz, The Face, Interview and Manipulator  were easily available through import distributors  this cargo cult of imported magazines, books and zines was one reasonably affordable and pre-internet means to tap into the global zeitgeist.



Fashion was also a motif borrowed from high culture and explored as  the subject of artist’s works at the time  including the image above by artist Hiram TO from his Photo Booth series and in exhibitions during the period including the 1985 Institute of Modern Art’s, Brisbane Hot group show. While this distinctive interrelationship between Brisbane art, design and fashion is not unpacked in detail in The Fashion Archives we will examine some of these influences here in this archival artist-run project.



The aim is to grow and add to this fabulous fashion eresource and indeed to the knowledge base about the measure of direct collaborations between 1980’s Brisbane art, design, fashion and popular culture exponents when the postmodern credo embraced by many contemporary artists and designers living and working in Queensland at the time was “Anything Goes”.




Photo Booth Series (1989-89)
Acrylic on canvasboards



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