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Glamourpussy was an avant-garde fashion label known for signature pieces that became synonymous with the pop culture icons of the time. From Kylie Minogue draped in a Glamourpussy feathered jacket in a film clip, to the show-stopping artpiece that was the mirror ball dress featuring 360 mirrored acrylic disks, Glamour Pussy was fashion that oozed provocative sex appeal, and demanded and received attention!


In 1989 Chrissy Feld and Kenn Bushby’s Glamourpussy burst into Brisbane’s fashion scene in a heady explosion of feathers, sequins, gold braid and an overwhelming aura of outrageousness and innovation that was unparalleled at the time. Its rise over the next few years was described as nothing short of meteoric, winning an national award in its first year (Australian Mode Cointreau Fashion Awards), multiple finalist in the Queensland RAQ awards, and the receipiant of an Art Council Grant to develop overseas markets. Glamour Pussy was regularly featured in Australian glossy fashion magazines Elle, Vogue, Mode, Oyster, Cleo, Dolly, Follow Me, Cosmopolitan & Studio Collections and seen on the backs of local identities and international celebrities including Margaret Ulrich, Kylie Minogue, Michael Hutchence, Chrissy Amphlet and Linda Evangelista on the front cover of Elle Magazine.


Shortly after conception the label began national wide distribution obtaining large orders from retail outlets such as Diamaru Department store in Melbourne, a trail of hip fashion outlets in Sydney’s Oxford street, Melbourne’s Chapel street shopping mecca, and selected high end fashion boutiques in Adelaide, Perth and of course locally in Brisbane at The Mask, Blonde Venus and Ultra Suite.



Glamour Pussy collections for both male and female were all locally made and meticulously constructed in luxe fabrics, allowing a seductive silhouette that echoed the construction of 17th Century corsetry with a distinctly contemporary feel. In fact, the Glamour Pussy concept was described in the fashion media as actually “redefining fashion” for the young and the fabulous.

The fusion of theatre, costume and performance was encapsulated in their seductive and strategic marketing campaigns and reached a pinnacle in their seasonal dramatic reveals to showcase their collections. Nightclubs events were created surrounding a Glamour Pussy showing, with production values that included speedboats, fireworks, dancers, models, famous Sydney drag queens, the Rock’n’Roll Circus and members of the Queensland ballet.


Given the profile and demand of the label it was no surprise to see Glamour Pussy as the only label from Queensland to be invited to participate in the first Australian Fashion Week in 1996.


While stocked nationally, all Australian made and recognized internationally, especially through Feld’s promotional tour in Paris and throughout Europe and Hong Kong, Glamour Pussy was essentially a Brisbane brand, created for the bright young things of Brisbane’s creative scene who were at a loss for clothing to match their personal pizzazz.



While Glamourpussy was always a collaboration, the face of the label and the darling of the press was Chrissy Feld. Her talent, determination and prowess in the design, manufacture, marketing and advertising of the label was instrumental in its success. It can be argued that the allure of Glamour Pussy the label was in its embodiment of Feld’s own charisma and charm and sparkling beauty.


Kenn Bushby worked as a stylist in Brisbane through the mid 1980’s. After a period in Tokyo designing for Kansai Yamamotos’s Japanese and European collections, he returned to Brisbane and partnered with Chrissy at Glamourpussy as co designer, stylist and parade director. After four exciting seasons Kenn moved onto other projects.


In 1994, the talented Kristopher Davies joined Chrissy at Glamour Pussy, bringing a wealth of additional expertise in design and detailing to the label, enabling GP to soar to new heights!






From 1990 Glamour Pussy were located in studios at 45 Adelaide Street in Brisbane’s CBD and leased space to collaborating artists and designers Sheridan Kennedy and Thomas Burless. Shared resources in the space included offices, a photographic darkroom, machine room, jewellery workshop and design facilities.


In 1995 Chrissy and Kristopher moved to Cameron House in Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley. They continued the brand successfully until 1997 when Chrissy joined Jon Dowding in the Film Industry art department.



Glamourpussy was designed to celebrate the beauty of the body and created so the wearing of it was to be an occasion in itself! Feld was quoted advising devotees, ”I can’t be held responsible for what happens to you in these outfits, but let me tell you one thing, if you have to take your GP outfit off yourself when you get home, you are doing something terribly wrong!” It was also a time in the learly nineties when there was a distinct lack of the frivolous and flamboyant in the market place – especially in Brisbane – where Glamour Pussy was able to fill a niche and operate successfully.


Contributing Artists and collaborators; Andrew Best, Tim Gruchy, Jon Dowding, Sheridan Kennedy, Thomas Burless, Ronald Bruschetto, Ella Massamini, Malcolm Enright, Rhana Devenport, Kim Sandeman, Lance Leopard, Tony Falloon, and many more.


Writer: Rebecca Brewster @ Rebecca Jane PR

We gratefully acknowledge photographer ANDREW CAMPBELL for sharing these archival photographs.

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