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No Names, 1983

No Names exhibition 'Floor Plan', Guest Curated by Barbara Campbell and Ted Riggs, Institute of Modern Art, 1983


No Names, Group Exhibition.


Brisbane Artists.




Institute of Modern Art, 106 Edward Street, Brisbane.


Foregrounding local artistic practice. It has been suggested that the title of the exhibition was based on the name of one of Sydney’s oldest restaurants, established in East Sydney in 1954.

Queensland artists group exhibition curated by Ted Riggs and Barbara Campbell during their term at the Institute of Modern Art in Edward Street Brisbane (1982- 1983) when the IMA modelling emphasized a guest curator program, through a democratising ethos characteristic of the artist-run model more so than the contemporary art space model. In 1982 the Artworkers Union (Qld) was established by Ted Riggs, Barbara Campbell, Brian Doherty among many others.

In the preceding two years Melbourne artist John Nixon was the Institute of Modern Art Director and organised Melbourne artists for Q Space and Q Space Annexe. The 1982-83 period auspiced by local co-ordinators in turn had a focus on Brisbane and Queensland contemporary artists rather than Melbourne artists, or Melbourne and international artists during the earlier directorships of Robert Jadin de Fronenteau and John Buckley 1975- 1980. Another Melbourne artist was appointed Director during 1984-87 Peter Cripps and while the emphasis continued with a strong Melbourne bias. Peter actively encouraged, promoted and supported the development and instigation of local artist-run initiatives including A Room, That Contemporary Art Space, John Mills National and Arch Lane Public Art. Peter Cripps curated the group exhibition Brisbane Hot (1985) as an insight into both ‘expressionism’ and emergent local artist practice at the time.


Lyndall Milani, No Names, 1983