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Add your own Australian Artist-Run Social Memory and archival images here – OPEN Call Out for Voluntary Contributions Welcome in 2020

ARI REMIX is a polyvocal memory of Australian artist-run culture 1970 to Now.

Reflecting on and remembering ARIs together……

Ever found yourself reflecting on your art/ARI practice in the recent or not so recent past and asking your self or your ARI friends ten thousand questions about heritage, about archives, about value, about acknowledgement, about remembering?

Questions like…Where did I get the idea for starting an ARI?  What did we think we were setting out to do?, What did we end up doing and how was it different to what we set out to do, and why? Why do ARIs matter?, Why do they keep happening?, What do I love about ARIs?, What is the discontent of an ARI?, What is most challenging about ARIs?, Why are ARIS so varied and diverse?, Why do ARIs take risks?, What is it that we are doing or were doing with the ARI that was unique, distinctive or different to other ARIs?,  What would would we do differently when we run and instigate another ARI?, Why do ARI archives matter? Why does ARI art ephemera need to be preserved?  What is ARI heritage? What isn’t ARI heritage? Why do some artists keep archives and others don’t??????

Simply send us a 50 word overview of your ARI story to this email address and we will get back to you:




Friends colleagues and others can provide comments to your post and art ephemera images in the comments thread below each post on the ARI Remix Living Archive.

Thanks for your contribution and your kind participation.

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