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Reflecting and remembering ARIs together……


Ever found yourself reflecting on your art/ARI practice in the recent or not so recent past and asking your self or your ARI friends ten thousand questions about heritage, about archives, about value, about acknowledgement, about remembering?


Questions like…Where did I get the idea for starting an ARI from, what was it that planted the seed, whom, where, where and where?, What did we think we were setting out to do?, What did we end up doing and how was it different to what we set out to do, and why? Why do ARIs matter?, Why do they keep happening?, What do I love about ARIs?, What are the joys and lows?, What is most challenging about ARIs?, Why are ARIS so diverse?, Why do ARIs take risks?, What is it that we are doing or were doing with the ARI that was unique, distinctive or different to other ARIs?,  What would would we do differently when we run and instigate another ARI?, Why do ARI archives matter? What is ARI heritage? What isn’t ARI heritage? Why do some artists keep archives and others don’t??????


I am a digital citizen what are my responsibilities with running an ARI now in the digital environment? Why have so many artist websites and social media profiles disappeared in the last ten years? Is this just about being ephemeral? Why do so few artist institutions partner with ARIs Why do so few ARIs partner with arts institutions? If some curates a show about our ARI in thirty years time what we like it to look like, what would we select for the exhibition or event, what would it include, what would we edit out? Why don’t artists receive a wage or a salary for their work? Why are artists left out of institutional shows if that don’t agree to participate for no fee or wage payment? Why are there so very few artist contracts and artist agreements? Why is there an inequity with the numbers in women and LGBTQIP+ artists included into shows…So it goes on, so many questions and such a range of answers……and so many more…


These are some of the ten thousand questions we have been asked during the last six years, and they are similar to questions we asked almost thirty years ago…


Here is an opportunity for you to interview yourself with the questions that matter to you, and to provide your thoughts insights and opinions here. Simply fill out and write your questions and answers into the form below (you can ask up to 20 questions here). You can add up to three images with captions and credits and your url links too.


We will email you when the selfie interview is posted online to The Ephemera Interviews feature here:



Friends colleagues and others can provide comments to your post in the comments thread below each post on the ARI Remix Living Archive.

Thanks for your contribution and your kind participation.

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