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ZIP were an artists collective that released four multimedia packages Brisbane in the 80s. These were accompanied by related installations, performances, and video. ZIP worked at home with popular domestic equipment: photocopiers, tape, cassette decks, super 8, slides, 4 tracks, video, pen and paper. Ideas before machines. They valued independence, innovation, expression and enthusiasm, making use of novelty and chance, exploring medium and techniques as stimulation for future work. ZIP merged vision and sound letting each inspire the other. Picture to sound, Sound to picture, turning error to opportunity, frustration to invention, limitation to advantage.



The core group was Tim Gruchy, Irena Lucas, Matt Mawson, Terry Murphy and John Willsteed. Collaborators included Gary Warner, Linda Wallace, Judy Pfizner, David Patterson, Michelle Andringa.






Mostly they worked from their various home studios in Brisbane. Installations, exhibitions and performances took place throughout Australia. International video festivals and extensive communications and swapping throughout the world were also a part of their prodigious output.



Having known each other for some time, collectivising their already extensive individual and paired creative practices across a wide range of mediums was a logical step, providing an expansive vehicle. Mediums, context and technology were all changing rapidly and ZIP provided a focus for presenting a truly wide range of activities.



Released 3 x cassette graphics packages, 1 x booklet and 7”EP and a number of videos. They exhibited and performed at One Flat and the IMA and elsewhere in Brisbane as well as Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.    Zip Performing Group was an organic offshoot that went of on it’s own trajectory exploring physical and audio, visual based performance.