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Art Design Environment – Artist Rosz Craig – Brisbane DIY Independent & ARI Ephemera Archives 1980s to Now on Pinterest

Artist Rosz Craig has a small and invaluable collection of Brisbane independent and DIY arts ephemera ( 1980s, 1990s, 2000’s)  in her artist archives including ephemera from past exhibitions, 4ZZZ and Brisbane ARI gigs.


You can view Rosz’s ephemera collection online as it grows…you can watch Rosz’s archives as they grow at these links:

Read more about Rosz here: 


View Rosz’s art work here:



Hi – Welcome to Manymakepeaces! The name for this shop came about from an exhibition I was involved in years ago – ‘Many Makepeaces for Moneypenny’. I did computer-generated art work for that exhibition, but at the moment I’m working on handmade jewelry and household items.


Thanks for visiting!