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Chrissy FELD

Chrissy Feld and Chris Davies
Chrissy Feld and Chris Davies



Art Practice Keywords:

Design, Fashion Design


Artist Role Keywords:

Designer (Fashion), Designer (Textiles), Designer (Production Design), Set Decorator, Artist

Collaboration/ Collaborator names Keywords:

GlamourPussy, John Mills National



Various Private Collections




‘Drive Hard’ Canadian /Australian Feature Film, Director Brian Trenchard Smith Starring John Cusack (SET DECORATOR) Gold Coast
See Trailer here: 2013

WAC ‘World Animal Championships’ Blacklab International (SET DECORATOR) Director Graeme Hattrick ABC TV 52 PART CHILDRENS SERIES



‘Eye Of The Storm’ Australian Feature Film, Director Fred Schepisi Designer Melinda Doring (QUEENSLAND SET DECORATOR)



‘Matching Jack’ Australian Feature Film (SET DECORATOR) Melbourne, Producer David Parker, Nadia Tass and Richard Keddie, Director Nadia Tass



Milan International Film Festival winner; Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay / Australian AFI Nominated


2008 / 2009

‘K9’ 26 episode TV series (Dr Who) Set in Futuristic London. UK, Canada, (SET DECORATOR), Producers Simon Preston Barnes, Bob Baker, Richard Stewart, Penny Wall



‘Starter Wife’ American Mini Series (WARDROBE)



‘Fatal Contact’ Sony Pictures TV Feature, Producer Dennis Brown Los Angeles Director Richard Pearce (SET DRESSER) Auckland New Zealand



‘Operating Instructions’ Short Film *Award Wining (WARDROBE STYLIST, SET DRESSER)



‘Future Tense’ Warner TV Pilot Sydney, Producer Joel Silver Production Designer Jon Dowding Director Jean De Segonzac (SET DECORATOR)



‘Collision Course – The Crocodile Hunter’, Australian Feature Film MGM John Stainton Production Designer Jon Dowding. (SET DECORATOR)


‘A Ring of Endless Light’ Disney Cable Feature, Producer Bill Bordon Director Greg Beeman Production Designer Jon Dowding. (SET DECORATOR)



‘Child Star’ ABC Disney, Movie of the Week Melbourne, Producer Iain Paterson Director Nadia Tass, Production Designer Jon Dowding. (SET DECORATOR)



‘Green Sails’ American TV Pilot. Director Whitney Ransick. Producer Jim Veres. (BUYER/SET DRESSER)

‘Silent Predators’ American MOW Director Noel Nossek (BUYER/SET DRESSER)



‘Paperback Hero’ Australian Feature Film Polygram Director Anthony Bowman (BUYER DRESSER)



“Rough Diamonds” Australian Feature Film (COSTUME DESIGNER)



Interior Design & Event Styling



Ergon Energy Summer Campaign X5 Fabric Films Dir Charlie Fergusson Buyer / Set Dresser

Alpha Keri Campaign, Sam Fox Library Dir Paul Giggle Wardrobe Stylist

FIAT 500 ‘Commentator’ Nice Bike Content Dir Dog Boy Buyer / Set Dresser

‘Ice’ Aust Gov Queensland Health Blacklab Int. Director Grant Marshall Art Director

‘House Hunters International Renovations’ TV Series

New York / Australia TV Series Art Director / Interior Stylist

‘Period Film Set’ Griffth Uni Film School Prod Designer Jon Dowding Buyer / Dresser

Pulp Shoes Director Paul Giggle Buyer

Libertine Perfume store Taylor Square Sydney Decorator

Interior Design Work ongoing Domestic and Commercial Decorator



‘Time Guarantee’ Qld Health King Pix Dir Sam King Buyer

Sun Mum Music Video Fabric Films Dir. Charlie Ferguson Buyer / Dresser

Qld Health Proetic Dir. Sam King Buyer / Dresser

P&O (X3) ‘Be Free Cruislings’ Glue / Revolver Dir. Matt Devine Buyer / Dresser / Sydney

Spec Savers (X2) ‘Rescue’ ‘Seagull’ Plaza Films Dir. Nic Reynolds Art Director

4XXXX Gold (X4) Series ‘The Arrival’ ‘Blue tooth’ ‘Sunscreen Applicator’

‘Fix the Boat’ ‘Mozzie Distractor’ Revolver Dir. Leo Woodhead Set Decorator / Pumpkin Is

Australian Super Shannon Group Dir. James Shannon Wardrobe

‘Tafe’ Blacklab International x 2 Dir Grant Marshall Art Director

‘Health’ Blacklab International (X4 ) Dir Grant Marshall Art Director

Cindy Chambers Motueka NZ Complete House Renovation Interior Designer

Libertine Perfumerie Shop New Farm Fitout Decorator

Citigold Shop design and interior ftout Designer / Decorator



Kenny Smith Photography ‘Resmed’ International Corporate Art Director

Fiction Films ‘I’m with RACV’ X5 Director Jake Robb (Qld) Art Director/Wardrobe

The Monkeys ‘Telstra Dot’ X3 Director Cory White Buyer / Dresser

Collider Films ‘Sunshine Coast Tourism’ Director Lorin Askill Art Director/Wardrobe

Orange Whip ‘Rays Outdoors’ Director Colin Skyba Set Dresser/buyer



Revolver ‘Surfng Santa’ Aldi (X4) Director James Dive Wardrobe

ANZ Global stills campaign Director/Photographer Paul Giggle Producer

‘XXXX Island’ Whitsundays Styling Themed Cabins and bar, purchasing furniture & specifc props

B Films ‘Mater Mothers’ Director Cameron Hird Art Director / Wardrobe

B Films ‘Personalized number plates’ Director Brendon Williams Art Director

Blacklab ‘Devine Homes’ Director Paul Giggle Art Director

Taxi ‘Scratch Its’ Director Mike Mier& Lav Bodnaruk Props Buyer

Cartel Films ‘Carpet Court’ Producer Damion Tiernan Buyer / Dresser

Chanel Paris Live fashion parade Locations & Art Assistant



Mazda 3 (X3) ‘Loves Drivers’ Orange Whip Films Director Simon MacRae Set Decorator

Cosmopolitan Los Vegas (X2) Sweet Shop Films Director Steve Ayson Set Decorator

ANZ ‘One Path’ Prodigy Films Director Ben Briand Props Buyer

‘Savin Bundles’ (X3) Blacklab International Director Grant Marshall Art Director / Set Dresser

B Films Oz Care Director Cameron Hird Art Director / Wardrobe

World Animal Championship Black lab Int. TV Pilot Director Alex Mavroldakis Art Director

Interior design work Interior Design

Luxury fragrance Creed Perfume counter for David Jones Sydney Assistant Designer

‘Deep Heat’ The Library Channel 9 TV Props Buyer



Fosters ‘Good Call’ (X4) Prodigy Films Director Tim Bullock Set Decorator Sydney

‘Amaysim’ Brand Launch (2 x TVC) and Stills Campaign Director Nic Reynolds Set Decorator Sydney

Lux – ‘Long Goodbye’ for Indonesia & Thailand. Tribe Uk Director Fatima Buyer / Dresser

Oporto – ‘Bens Moment’ Guild of Commercial Film Makers Dir. Craig MacLean Stylist / Buyer

‘’ Blacklab Director Grant Marshall Buyer / Dresser

Viagra – ‘Elephant in the Room’ 166 Productions Director Jason Wingrove Buyer / Dresser

NRMA ‘Broncos Dance’ – Curious Films Director Nick Reynolds Art Director

Drumsticks – ‘Kiosk’ Loud Films Director Jamie Doolan Buyer

NRMA ‘Broncos Answer the Call’ Curious Films Director Nic Reynolds Buyer/Dresser

‘Cirque de Marquee’ Victoria Park Marquee Launch Event and Wardrobe Stylist

‘Creative 3’ The Edge Gallery of Modern Art – Live Event Event Stylist

Queensland Education ‘Chain Story’ Accomplice Director Grey Rogers Buyer/ Dresser



xxxx Gold (6) Curious Films Director Nicholas Reynolds Set Decorator

Coca Cola ‘Uplift -Open Happiness’ 8 Commercials Director, Josh Frizell Wardrobe Stylist/Art Coordinator–gEpYibg&feature=player_e

Central Queensland University (multiple) Stills Campaign Wardrobe Stylist



Orange Whip Films (X6) XXXX ‘DIY’ Gold Director Simon MacRae Buyer/Dresser

Carlton Mid ‘Woman Whisperer’ Prodigy Films Dir Tim Bullock Buyer/Dresser ****Winner silver Lion Cannes and winner DandAD

Plush Huggies ‘Step in it’ Director Wardrobe Stylist/Buyer Dresser

Texas / Stocklands ‘Boardwalk’ Director Josh Swain Wardrobe Stylist/props buyer

Virgin Blue Prodigy Films Director Felicity Morgan Rhind Buyer / Dresser

In Trust Superannuation ‘Tips’ Black Lab Director Grant Marshall Buyer / Dresser

Nissan Dualis (x2) Window/AOI Tokyo Japan Director Lieven Van Baelen Wardrobe

Capital One (X4) Prodigy Films Director Tim Bullock Buyer Dresser Sydney



Sprite (x2) Film Headquarters/DB Moscow Director Derek Richards Wardrobe Stylist

Nokia Film Headquarters Director Paul Giggle Art Director

XXXX Gold Angels Conti Bros Films Director Myles Conti Buyer/Dresser

Uncle Tobys (X2) Directors Guild Art Director

XXXX (X8) Aht( Works Director Adrian Hayward(on Set Art Director) Lead Buyer/Dresser

Old El Paso ‘Crispy Chicken’ Director Tim Pietranski Art Director Tenterfeld

Queens Plaza Stills Film headquarters Photographer Paul Giggle Props buyer

Nokia ‘Sell In’ Film Headquarters Director Paul Giggle Art Director

Suncorp (X5) stills Photographer Julian Watt tylist/Buyer/Dresser

Queensland Rail (X2) Blacklab Int Director Grant Marshall Buyer/Dresser

Macleans ‘Protect – Shelly Craft’ Aht(Works Director Adrian Hayward Buyer/Dresser

Powerball Blacklab Int Director Ryan Renshaw Buyer /Dresser

Queensland Water Commision (X2) Director Tony Davidson Wardrobe/Props Buyer **** Multi Award winning TVC

‘Cooler Idea’ & ‘Day in the Life’ (Stills shoot) Qld Water Wardrobe

Heineken ‘Ladybug” Shoot Oz & Therapy Films London Director Colin Greg Lead Buyer/ Dresser Sydney

Hannah’s ‘Catwalk’ Film Headquarters Director Paul Giggle Buyer/Dresser

Westfeld (X2) ‘Mannequins’ Exit Films Director Glendyn Ivin Buyer/Dresser

Pedigree (X2) ’We are for dogs’ & ‘Refreshment’ Film Headquarters &

Park Productions Moscow Director Stuart Rideout Art Director

‘AFL’ (X2) Renegade Films Director Sean Byrne Wardrobe



‘ARU’ CIF Productions Director Tony Davidson Buyer/Dresser

‘Singtel’ (X3) Taxi Director David Barker Buyer/Dresser

‘LCM’s’ Sydney Film Company Director Tony Sherwood Wardrobe

‘Aveo’ McCann Ericson Phototographer Eric Williamson Set Dresser

Maroochydore Shopping centre ‘Summer 2006’ Wardrobe

‘Jupiters Casino’ Black Lab Director Ryan Renshaw Set Dresser

‘Colorado’ Stills Film Headquarters Wardrobe

Mobile 3 ‘Operation Ashes’ (X4) Luscious Int Director Damien Toogood Set Dresser

XXXX Gold ‘Legends’ and ‘Promo’ (X2) Dir. Adrainne Haywood Set Dresser

Supa Cheap Auto (X10) Prodigy Dir. Tim Bullock ‘Taxi’, ‘Easter’, ‘Exploding Shed’, ’Christmas’,’ Swipe’, ‘Docket’, ‘Bag’, ‘Basket’, ‘Pyramid’,’ Shed’ Lead dresser

‘Just Jeans ‘ (X3) The Directors group Summer campaign Wardrobe Stylist

‘Old El Paso’ Burritos (X2) Director Tim Pietranski Industry Buyer/Dresser Tenterfeld

Kate Miller Heidke ‘Apartment’ Music Video Art Director



Lecturer AFTRS 4 day Course ‘Set Decorating’

Fashion Label ‘Glamour Pussy’ featured in Museum of Brisbane ‘History of Fashion’ mixed media


2008 – 2015

Interior co design and ft out for LIBERTINE Perfumerie Stores –

Brisbane & Sydney stores (David Jones Elizabeth street and Taylor Square)



Designer/Partner ‘Glamour Pussy’ An exclusive fashion label with extensive nationwide distribution. Renowned for its creative marketing
campaigns incorporating elaborate fashion events and high profle media coverage into its mix. Winner Mode Cointreau Awards, recipient Arts Council Grant – Hong Kong, Multiple Finalists RAQ (Queensland Fashion Awards)