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Dale Chapman, Photo by Racheal Bruhn
Dale Chapman, Photo by Racheal Bruhn


Visual Artist, Educator, Noisemaker


As a youth Dale travelled widely in Australia with his family attending schools in Melbourne and Broome before ending up in Cairns. Days upon days spent staring out the car window, watching the undulating rhythms of fences and powerlines….

After working on boats and in bars he moved south to Brisbane. Studying Fine Art at Queensland College of Art in the early eighties Dale lived in Brisbane and was involved in the emerging art scene of inner city artist run spaces and studios. During this time he exhibited visual art and started making sound with friends.


Arriving in Melbourne in the late eighties Dale continued his art making, working and exhibiting in shared studio environments in Footscray, St.Kilda and Port Melbourne. The art practice included exhibiting and curating shows in both ARI’s and alternative spaces. After meeting Rod Cooper in 1998 his soundwork started to be even more important and with that Dale started performing with Klunk. His visual art practices continue. This sound practice included building and performing with handmade electronic instruments (tone generators) and circuit bent toys.


Most recently in a duo ‘The Drunken Boat’.

Art Practice Keywords:

Artist, Video Art, Super Eight Filmmaker


Artist Role Keywords:

Sound Art, Installation

Collaboration/ Collaborator names Keywords:

Eugene Carchesio



Various Private Collections



Melbourne 1960

Diploma of Fine Art (Painting), Queensland College of Art, 1984



1994 – IT’S WALLPAPER, TOO!, Argyle Street Studios, St Kilda

1993 – WALLFLOWER, Word Window, 183 Collins Street, Melbourne

1991 – WALLPAPER, Linden Gallery, St Kilda

1986 – SECOND NATURE, That Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane



2003 – ARTISTS from ARGYLE STUDIOS, J-Space, Dandenong

2003 – PAST YOUR EYES, Cowwarr Art Space, Cowwarr

2002 – ADRIFT, NIBS Gallery, Trades Hall, Melbourne

2002 – COLLECTED WORKS, 69 Smith Street, Fitzroy

2001 – ECONOMIES OF SCALE, 4 Cats Gallery, Abbotsford

2001 – TEA TOWEL 2001, 69 Smith Street, Fitzroy

1999 – TRUCKIN’ ON 99, 69 Smith Street, Fitzroy

1998 – POST GOUGHISTS DO DUNMOOCHIN, Dunmoochin, Cottlesbridge

1998 – TEACHES ART, Metro! Craft Gallery, North Melbourne

1997 – POST GOUGHISTS 10th ANNIVERSARY SHOW, Moreland St, Footscray

1997 – WORLD IN A MATCHBOX 97, Grand Central Gallery, Bourke St, Melbourne

1996 – ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES, Roar 2 Gallery, Fitzroy

1996 – WORLD IN A MATCHBOX, Grand Central Gallery, Bourke St, Melbourne

1995 – POST GOUGHISTS @ ROAR, Roar 2 Gallery, Fitzroy

1995 – POST GOUGHISTS @ MONSALVAT, Long Gallery, Monsalvat, Eltham

1995 – PERSISTENCE OF VISION, Druids, Swanston St, Melbourne *

1994 – E-TOPIA, New Media Network, Southbank, Melbourne

1994 – DON’T STOP, Linden Gallery, St Kilda

1994 – READ MY LIPS, Ascent Gallery, St Kilda

1994 – CAFFE LATTE ARTE, Druids, Swanston St, Melbourne *

1994 – ART 4, No Vacancy, Collins St, Melbourne

1994 – EAT, ATE, TEA (Collaboration w/ Chris White), O’Donnell Gardens, St Kilda *

1993 – RANDOM ABSTRACTION, Druids, Swanston St, Melbourne *

1993 – POST, Coode View Gallery, Footscray *

1993 – XES, Druids, Swanston St, Melbourne *

1993 – MREAM: YOU’RE FLOATING IN IT! , Coode View Gallery, Footscray

1993 – REPENT! (Collaboration w/ Karen Porter),Levy Reserve, St Kilda *

1993 -‘I’M GOING TO JACKSON’ (Collaboration w/ Anne Weir), Linden Gallery, St Kilda

1992 – ACAF 3, Coode View Gallery Stand, Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne

1992 – TONGUE, Platform, Spencer Street Station, Melbourne *

1992 – HOT! (Collaboration w/ Karen Porter), O’Donnell Gardens, St Kilda

1992 – MADE IN FOOTSCRAY, Gallery at Tolarnos, St Kilda

1991 – LANDMARKS, Footscray TAFE Gallery, Footscray

1988 – AXIS – FILE, New York / Brisbane

1987 – ONE NITE – VORTEX, That Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane

1987 – BELLES LETTRES, John Mills National, Brisbane

1987 – LITTLE ALTERNATIVES, Clark Lane, Brisbane

1987 – LOCAL COLOUR, That Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane

1986 – F.S.C. OUTDOOR ART DRIVE-IN, Edward Street , Brisbane

1986 – THAT FIRST BIRTHDAY, That Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane

1986 – YOUNG CONTEMPORARIES, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

1985 – THIS IS THAT, Gladstone Regional Gallery, Gladstone

1985 – THAT OPENING, That Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane