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Diena Georgetti

Inexact Science, Arch Lane Public Art, Artist Diena Georgetti 1989 Photo: David Holden
Photo: Hiram To - Installation View, Hiram To and Diena Georgetti, Umrib Envoy, That Contemporary Art Space, One Night 1987 PHOTO Hiram To



Georgetti aligned herself firstly with the alternative artists’ space network and preferred to keep her own counsel. Then when her singular work was recognised, Georgetti was taken up by Sutton Gallery, followed by Anna Schwartz Gallery in Melbourne in the early 1990s with other dealers to follow (including Sarah Cottier and Darren Knight in Sydney, Milani in Brisbane and Hamish McKay in Wellington).


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Various Private Collections


b. 1966, Alice Springs, lives Brisbane



1986 Diploma of Art, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane




[as yet untitled], The Commercial Gallery, Sydney



[as yet untitled], The Young, Wellington



Foyer, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington



Folk Modern, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

ACT HUNGER, (with Mary Teague), The Young, Wellington



Jaguar is Jaguar, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

Brutalist Geometry Set 1 & 2, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington



Composa, Michael Lett Gallery, Auckland

The Enthusiast, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney



Community of the People Woven Wall Hangings, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington



The Humanity of Abstract Painting: A survey exhibition 1988-2008, curated by Max Delany and Robert Leonard, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne and Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane



BLOK PLASTIK, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney



The Humanity of Construction Painting, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney



So far I remember who you are but wonder who you’ll be, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington



Lost to the thing of it, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington



The Humanity of Abstract Painting, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington



I hardly know her, and my life is nearly over, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney, Hamish Mckay Gallery, Wellington



Makers, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney and Australia Minx Design Studio, Melbourne



You’re Living All Over Me, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne



I have wept so much here, that I am touched by my own beauty, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney



Martyrs do not underestimate the body, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney



The time of your miracle will soon be over, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne

The Civilisation of the Abstract, Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, Adelaide

The Dimension that comes from the centre of our skulls, Bellas Gallery, Brisbane



The Whitening of the Recent Darkness, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne

Dare la Precedenza, 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne



NATURPHILOSOPHie, Store 5, Melbourne

Australia wie so primitive, wie so sensible, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

Self-titled, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne



4 Diamonds (Serpent Frottage), Store 5, Melbourne



Promotion Space Installation, Arch Lane Public Art, Brisbane

Empirical, State Library of Queensland, Brisbane

Rest de Kreatur, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

Restoration of an Alienated Being, Arch Lane Public Art, Brisbane



Inneres, Arch Lane Public Art, Brisbane

Will for Amalgamation, David Jones, Brisbane

Will for Amalgamation, Mini MOCA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Brisbane

Focal Panorama, Brisbane, Rome, Dusseldorf, London, UK Landkarte

Landkarte, Interface Office, Brisbane

Recording Data, All Saints Hall, Brisbane



Umrib Envoy, THAT Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane



Plateau-Plateau, THAT Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane




The Commercial, Sydney Contemporary 2015, Carriageworks, Sydney

Casual Conversation, Minerva, Sydney

Man, Tristan Koenig Gallery, Melbourne

The Kaleidoscopic Turn, curated by Jane Devery and Serena Bentley,

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits, curated by Lars Bang Larsen and Marco Pasi, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne



Girls Abstraction, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington



Born to Concrete: Visual poetry from the collections of Heide Museum of

Modern Art and The University of Queensland, University of Queensland

Art Museum, The University of Queensland, Brisbane

Porous Moonlight, Papakura Art Gallery, Auckland

The Knock-Off Show, Slopes, Melbourne



Negotiating the World: Contemporary Australian Art, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Forever Young: 30 Years of the Heide Collection, curated by Sue Cramer, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne



Black elastic, two umbrellas, a mint leaf & wheels, curated by Rosemary Forde, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne

First Show, Station Gallery, Melbourne



Before and After Science, curated by Charlotte Day and Sarah Tutton, Adelaide Biennial 2010, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

Everything is near and inflorescent, forever and present, Michael Lett Gallery, Auckland

LET IN LIGHT, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington

Painting (as one), Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide



Temperature 2, New Queensland Art Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane

Victory over the sun, curated by Melissa Loughnan and Helen Hughes,

Utopian Slumps, Melbourne

RBS Emerging Artist Award 2009, curated by Susan Manford, Renzo Piano RBS Tower, Sydney

Cubism in Australia, curated by Sue Cramer and Lesley Harding, Heide Museum of Art, Melbourne



Lost & Found: An Archeology of the Present, curated by Charlotte Day, Tarrawarra Biennial 2008, Tarrawarra Museum of Art, Healesville

The In Residence, Darren Knight Gallery at Silvershot, Melbourne

Diena Georgetti, Michael Harrison, Saskia Leek and Ricky Swallow, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington



Diena Georgetti, Darn Arps, Mary Teague, Michael Lett Gallery, Auckland

The World in Painting, curated by Zara Stanhope, Heide Museum of Art, Melbourne, Asialink at the University of Melbourne, Australia, Phillipines,

Artist makes video – art rage survey 1994-1998, DELL Gallery, Queensland Collage of Art, Brisbane



21st Century Modern, curated by Linda Michael, Adelaide Biennial 2006, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

16, Brisbane comes to Sydney, Sydney Non Objective, Sydney



Pitch Your Own Tent: Art Projects, Store 5, 1st Floor, Monash University Museum of Art, Victoria

Predictive txt, Hamish Mckay Gallery, Wellington

Makeover, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth

Store 5 is…., Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne



So far I remember who you are but wonder who you’ll be, Hamish Mckay Gallery, Wellington

Post Contemporary Painting, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

Fantasy Island, Michael Lett, Auckland

Frieze Art Fair, Hamish McKay (stand), London



I’m only sleeping, curated by Ronnie van Hout, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington

10, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

3 Way Abstraction, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne

Home & Away: Place and Identity in Recent Australia Art, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne and Swan Hill Gallery, Victoria
Liste, Michael Lett Gallery, Basel



Final Exhibition, First Floor, Melbourne

ARCO, Madrid

Hamish Mckay Gallery, Basel

Art 33’02, Basel



ARCO, Madrid

Sarah Cottier in Melbourne, Windspan Gallery, Melbourne

Painting: An Arcane Technology, The Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne



ARCO, Madrid

Art 31’00, Basel

GOLD, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney



Art 30’99, Basel

Patent (with Anne-Marie May), Project Space, RMIT, Melbourne

Exhumed II, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Canberra

The Trouble with Harry, curated by Peter Westwood, Project Space, RMIT, Melbourne

Group Exhibition, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney



Opening Exhibition, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

Special Issue, First Floor, Melbourne

Exhumed, curated by David Noonan, Project Space, RMIT, Melbourne



Record, Basel Art Fair, Basel

Aeropost, Dublin, Ireland



Women Hold up Half the Sky: The Orientation of Art in the Post War

Pacific, Monash University Gallery, Melbourne

Raindrops on Roses, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

Heirloom, Monash University Gallery, Melbourne

Practice as Technology, 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne

SWIM2, Support Women Image Makers, Project Space, RMIT, Melbourne



Monash University Art Prize, curated by Judy Annear, Monash University Gallery, Melbourne

Australian Perspecta 1995, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney



5th Australia Sculpture Triennial, Melbourne



9th Biennale of Sydney: The Boundary Rider, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

The Caboose, Ars Multiplicata, Sydney



Vache, aglassofwater, Brisbane

WT Rawleigh Building The Grotto, Store 5 Travelling Exhibition, Paris France

Signals, Bellas Gallery, Brisbane



Where Art Ends and Nature Begins, curated by Stephen Bram, Store 5, Melbourne

Instant, First Draft West, Sydney

10 x 10, Milburn and Arte, Brisbane

Architecture of Light, Mori Gallery, Sydney

Mist from the Chest, aglassofwater, Brisbane

Real Art, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

RESPECT, Milburn and Arte, Brisbane

In Full Sunlight, First Draft West, Sydney



In Full Sunlight, 10 000 Feet, Melbourne and aglassofwater, Brisbane

Inexact Sciences, Arch Lane Public Art, Brisbane

Uncommon Knowledge, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane

Visual Poetics, Museum of Contemporary Art, Brisbane

The Truth, Arch Lane Public Art, Brisbane

Salle de Reconnaissance, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australian

Centre for Photography, Sydney and 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne

Topographical, Bureau Artspace, Brisbane



Interface Artists, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane

Axis: Does New York Exist?, New York, Brisbane

(I)magical Poetics, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

Bureau, Bureau Artspace, Brisbane



A Monochrome Self, THAT Contemporary Artspace, Brisbane

Scapegrace, THAT Contemporary Artspace, Brisbane




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