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Jasmine HIRST

1984 Jasmine Hirst by © Linda Dement


Artist, Photographer, Film Maker


Jasmine Hirst is a filmmaker and photographic artist living and working in New York. Her films are collected by the NY Filmmakers Co-op of the New Cinema Group, and have screened at the California Museum of Contemporary Art, London’s Horse Hospital Gallery and the Sydney Underground Film Festival to great acclaim.


Jasmine’s photographic art is represented by Illuminated Metropolis Gallery in New York and the Mori Gallery in Sydney and has been exhibited internationally, including at the Casa Del Pane in Milan, Sprengel Museum in Hanover, and Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. Jasmine has ongoing collaborations with Penny Arcade, ex-Andy Warhol Superstar, and Lydia Lunch.


Born in Brisbane in1963. Jasmine Hirst currently lives and works in New York City.


Jasmine has been a practicing and exhibiting artist since 1981. Her work is polyvalent in approach, including artist-run collectives, long-running collaborations, photography, design and filmmaking. The recurring theme of her practice is her submersion into the darkest recesses of humanity’s most ferocious wounds: abuse, broken hearts, suicide and murder. Her work attempts to make sense of the senselessness and brutality of this world.


During the 1980’s while working as an artist, Jasmine exhibited at Syme Dodson Gallery, Holdsworth Contemporary Galleries, Performance Space, and Arthaus Gallery in Sydney.


In 1983 Jasmine worked in the Women’s Co-ordination Unit of the Premier’s Department funded art collective for young women, which produced a video about unemployment and with other young women. After this project ended, Technical Girls Collective was formed by some of the participants in 1984. Jasmine and Margie Medlin were the recipients of a film development grant from the Women’s Film Fund of the Australian Film Commission in 1984 as part of an initiative introduced by the Government to include more women in the film industry.


Jasmine’s film and photographic work has been presented at Museum Of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, Casa Del Pane in Milano, Horse Hospital in London and Gene Frankel Theatre and Illuminated Metropolis Gallery in New York. Jasmine’s work was the subject of a lecture presented by MM Serra, the Director of The New York Filmmaker’s Coop, at Columbia University, New York, for staff about American experimental filmmakers. Her film work is collected and distributed by The New York Filmmakers Coop of The New American Cinema Group.


Jasmine has worked as art therapist with Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Assault, in Wollongong, culminating in an exhibition of their work at Wollongong City Art Gallery. She has also worked as private art therapist for Wards of the State, NSW Department of Community Services, Sydney.


Jasmine volunteers her photographic and filmmaking skills for underground New York artists and musicians, including Chris Rael from Church of Betty, Maleroom, George Scherer and Jennifer Blowdryer. Jasmine has collaborated with Penny Arcade, an Andy Warhol Superstar, for twenty years on many film and photographic projects.


Currently Jasmine is collaborating with Lydia Lunch on various projects including, her visual renditions of Lydia’s spoken word and music performances, and a project Lydia Lunch has undertaken with Umar Bin Hassen, (from The Lost Poets and the Grandfather of Rap) She is also finishing a documentary about Aileen Wuornos (Charlize Theron won the Academy award for portraying Aileen in Monster), who she filmed on death row in Florida

Art Practice Keywords:

Photography, Film/video


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Collaboration/ Collaborator names Keywords:

Technical Girl’s Collective, Linda Dement, Penny Arcade, Lydia Lunch



New York Filmmakers Co-op, The New American Cinema Group, New York

Madonna, New York

Stephen Mori, Mori Gallery, Sydney

Il Torchio Gallery, Milano, Italy

Penny Arcade, New York

Lydia Lunch, New York

Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney

Various private collections



Diploma of Art, National Art School, Sydney


Master of Art, College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, Sydney



Solo Exhibitions/Screenings



‘Last Time We Met’ with Lydia Lunch, Sound + Vision Live: Galtta Media Showcase, The Lincoln Center, New York

‘Last Time We Met’ with Lydia Lunch, Dreams, The Eagle, New York

Endure, Church of Betty, New York



Black Blood:
A Night of Jasmine Hirst’s Photographic Art and Films, New York Filmmakers Coop

It’s Been A Hell Of A Life:
A Night of Films by Jasmine Hirst, 
Le Petit Versailles, New York



It’s Been A Hell Of A Life:
The Films and Photographs of Jasmine Hirst, 
Gene Frankel Theater, New York

Wild is the Wind, Gene Frankel Theater/The Punk Museum, LA/NY

Jumping Jack Flash, Gene Frankel Theater/The Punk Museum, LA/NY



Pretty Vacant, The Punk Museum, LA/NY
Featured video on NME



Underground Superstars, Closing Exhibition, Gene Frankel Theater, NY

Underground Superstars , Illuminated Metropolis Gallery, NY



Underground Chick Flicks, Horse Hospital Gallery, London



Devastating Moments: Suicide, Sexual Assault, Broken Love Affairs, Blood Splatter and an Execution, (with Linda Dement), Mori Gallery, Sydney



You Can Execute Her But You Can’t Kill Her, Mori Gallery, Sydney



A Different Peep Show, Bullet Space Gallery, New York



Girls, Girls, Girls: A Peep Show, Wollongong City Gallery



Group Exhibitions/Screenings



Patti Smith Photograph, NY Film-Makers’ Cooperative’s Benefit and Art Auction, Participant Inc, NY



Trailers, Sydney Underground Film Festival, Reality Bites, Sydney

You Can Execute Her But You Can’t Kill Her, Viscera Film Festival, Los Angeles

Chick Docs: I Hate You, (also curated by Jasmine Hirst/Katherine Bauer), Union Docs, Brooklyn

Visual Installation, Patricia Field Fashion Show, Santos, NY

Visual Installation, Rapture/Rupture, Artist’s and Model’s Ball, Buffalo, NY

Visual Installation, Anthology Film Archives Benefit, also appearing: Marina Abramović and JonasMekas, City Winery, NY

Visual Installation, Loving Out Loud, Santos, NY

Village Halloween Costume Ball, Theatre for the New City, Video and Performance with GiorgioHandman, New York

Dropout, Don Hills, NY

Loving Out Loud, Santos, NY





Counter Cinema: Counter Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

Visual Installation, Peaches Closing Party Of Jesus Christ Superstar, Don Hills, NY

Visual Installation, The Thin Veil, Santos, New York

Visual Installation, Dropout, Don Hills, NY

You Are Not My Lover, Patrick Miller, Mexico City

Visual Installation, New York Filmmakers Co-op Benefit, Santos, also appearing: Laurie Anderson

Visual Installation For Hooray for Goodbye, Santos, NY



Trailers, NY Filmmakers Co-op, Millenium, New York

Longing Lasts Longer (Video Installation for Penny Arcade), Monsourturim, Frankfurt

Impulsarcade (Video Installation for Penny Arcade), DEPA, Puebla, Mexico



I Love Cigarettes, Video Installation, Don Hill’s, NY

Trailers, Gene Frankel Theatre, NY

I Love Cigarettes, Video Installation, Pianos, NY



Sono passato a trovarti ma non c’eri, Il Torchio-Constantini Arte Contemporea, Milano, Italy

Curve Pericolose, Casa Del Pane, Milano, Italy



A Different Peep Show, Bullet Space Gallery, New York

Beyond Anita, Penrith Regional Gallery and the Lewer’s Bequest



Displaced Desires, Project Contemporary Art Space, Wollongong



Revealing Images, Wollongong City Gallery



Babe, A. Roland Hump Gallery, Sydney



She’s No Serial Killer, Artspace, Sydney



Sex and Crime, Sprengel Museum, Hannover

Out of the Frame, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney



I Really Want To Kill You But I Can’t Remember Why, Artspace, Sydney



So Many Men, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth; COFA, Sydney



With Inertia, SBS Television; Contemporary Arts Society, Buffalo, USA; Yale University, USA; Berlin Film Festival; Communications Course, University of Technology, Sydney; Spoleto Film and Video Festival, Melbourne; Toowoomba Film Festival; Brisbane Film Festival; Frames Festival, Adelaide; Film Fatale, Melbourne; Melbourne Film Festival



Grants and Awards


New Work Development, VACB, Australia Council



Script Development, NSW Film and Television Office

Film Production Development, Australia Film Commission



International Exhibition Assistance, Goethe Institut, Sydney

International Promotion for Artists and Crafts People, Australia Council



The Pat Corrigan Artist Grant managed by NAVA with financial assistance from the Australia Council



Awarded Best Film for “With Inertia”, Toowoomba Film Festival, QLD



Film Production Grant, Australian Film Commission