Lindy Collins has been a practicing artist since 1975 “when I won a place at an art school in Durban South Africa. I was a printmaker working mostly in etching, which was my major area of study and expertise. I studied under Norah Anson with follow up study in Paris, and went on to teach printmaking, drawing and design for thirty years.” Functional Drawings displays Collins’ new passion – ceramics. “Recently I learned to throw pots at the North Queensland Potters’ Association Inc. and have fallen in love with the concept of functional art – the ideal marriage between mark making and utility.” With an extensive background as a printmaker, it comes as little surprise that Collins is still exploring line. Through these works the artist extends this exploration to line movement on a three dimensional surface. She states “Marrying the love of printmaking, drawing and functional art making has been a Gestalt moment in art practice for me. Art for Art’s sake has always posed a dilemma about the consumption of resources for narcissistic purposes for me as a practicing artist. However the joy of making objects that are aesthetically pleasing and functional fulfils my soul.” Collins holds a Diploma of Fine Arts from the Queensland College of Art (1980) and a Bachelor of Visual Arts from JCU 1996. She has exhibited regularly in group exhibitions at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery and Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts, as well as at GoMA and various contemporary artist-run spaces in Brisbane in the 1980’s.

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