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Tom Burless is an industrial artisan living and working in Melbourne. His practice is centred around the design and manufacture of limited run, bespoke products: utilitarian objects, fixtures, fittings, tools, domestic items, furnishings etc. His industrial capabilities are small scale but his capacity for innovation and a broad range of industrial contacts and working relationships along with diverse material suppliers give him considerable manufacturing range.


His design sensibilities reflect an interest in the manufacturing aesthetics of “Modern Era” Germany, Eastern Europe and Japan, but are also informed by his eclectic interests in art and cultural history. His deeply considered approach to design and an ever-present curiosity about new, old and sometimes forgotten materials and processes, gives his work a unique character.

Art Practice Keywords:

Artist, Educator


Artist Role Keywords:

Curator, writer, collaboration

Collaboration/ Collaborator names Keywords:

The Activities Centre, Red Comb House, A Room, That Contemporary Art Space



Various Private Collections