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BARI Festival – October 6 – 23, 2016

BARI Festival – October 6 – 23, 2016 


It’s arrived, packed full of goodies….


Program Excerpt: 


Artist Run Initiative (ARI) refers to any collaborative project run by artists to present their own and others projects and ideas.


ARI’s play a vital role in the artistic climate of the city, providing an alternative platform to commercial and state run galleries, as well as a space for new and emerging artists to present experimental works. The development and support of these works locally is integral to new creative talent flourishing in Brisbane, building a strong and diverse arts culture in the city.


Brisbane has an incredibly unique ARI scene. Unlike other cities, the majority of artist run groups turn to ephemeral sites of display. The space under a Queenslander, a suburban garage, a garden shed, the back of a rental truck are all reimagined for one night shows. The act of going to an exhibition becomes an integral part of the experience, the apprehension of entering an intimate space made public, the social interaction, the ebb and flow of the work itself. Stepping outside of ideas of where and what contemporary art should be.


From 6th – 23th October, BARI festival opens a window to this artist run activity. With 20 events featuring over 50 artists, BARI offers a dynamic cross section of practices, taking place in a range of alternative venues. There will be music, exhibitions, performance based guided tours, tea sessions and roaming works, as well as sound and light based events.


Come and join us at the ARI led two part-


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PHOTO: Solid Gold, 2016 artists Lucy Forsberg and Sally Molloy at Corflute artist-run, Brisbane