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Brisbane ARIs in ACTION 2015 | Boxcopy ARI Remix DAAO Data Sprint | Petrie Terrace | June 20 2015

DAAO data push participants l-r Rachael Haynes, Courtney Pedersen, Caitlin Franzmann and Gillian Fuller. Photo Paul Andrew

DAAO in Brisbane @ Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space

On Saturday June 20, the DAAO crew was in Brisbane collaborating with Boxcopy emerging artists and curators including Rachael Haynes, Caitlin Franzmann, Zoe Knight, Cameron Hope, Holly Bates and Remix Collective members Virginia Barratt and Paul Andrew. One of a series of Data Push cohorts around the country, to grow the DAAO with diverse artist profiles, biographies, images, collections and related data. A significant way to build past, present and future ARI digital communities and to enable Australian artists and designers to raise their professional profiles and to garner added professional development, networking, exhibition, studio and collaboration opportunities.

DAAO Data Push Project co-ordinator Gillian Fuller reports: “We hit our initial target of 20 emerging Queensland artist records associated with Boxcopy in 3 hours! The records we worked on can be found here. .

It was a really fun day. Thanks Boxcopy.

The other reason for this data push was to test our new edit interface. This is the part of the website where members enter information into the database. DAAO is a complex database and so it’s vital that it be easy to use. If our user interface isn’t clear, members get frustrated, data gets entered incorrectly and thus the quality of our data and community suffers.

Over this past year, we’ve been working hard with many research communities getting our hands dirty by actively using the database WITH our communities so we can get a clear picture of where we need to enhance or change the user experience of the site. We’ve been gathering feedback from meetings and training sessions with academic researchers, artists, designers and curators, and then redeveloping aspects of the site based on these sessions.”

The Remix Collective would like to say a hearty and special thanks to both DAAO leader Gillian Fuller for her shared passion for and commitment to growing digital communities and also to Boxcopy Director Rachael Haynes and her enthusiastic cohort for organizing and hosting this great event and enabling wider participation in the DAAO research project.

This Brisbane Data Push has helped to populate the largest free research database on Australian art and design with a diverse and broader range of Queensland born or based, past, present and future artists and designers.

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PRESENT: Gillian Fuller, Rachael Haynes, Caitlin Franzmann, Zoe Knight, Cameron Hope, Virginia Barratt, Susan Best, Courtney Pedersen, Holly Bates, Paul Andrew.

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