Brisbane’s famous “Fag Bar” – Impresario Selfie by Gavin Waller (c.1992)

Found this dusty, fluffy and rather stained polaroid today in the secret box in my archives today. It has been in storage for over twenty years and from memory it was taken at Gavin’s share house in Brisbane and was snapped by the late Gavin Waller c.1992. In this photograph taken with my then trusty polaroid spectra system camera for a series of portraits of Brisbane artists and DIYers I was making at the time. Gavin wanted his polaroid portrait taken sideways….jumpcut to now, during the next twelve months we are adding Brisbane Queer LGBTQIP+ accounts and social memories into the archives. And if you have any memories of Gavin, Fag Bar and 1980s 1990s Brisbane/ Regional Queensland queer culture/queer core/ Pride March activisms please add your memories in the comments thread below, thanks so much for your interest, Best wishes, Artist & Project Coordinator Paul Andrew …