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Changes – Forty Years of Art Practice – Exhibition Catalogue – Queensland College of Art (QCA) – Curator Dennis McCart

Remembering Queensland College of Art (QCA) – Morningside Seven Hills Campus

Pop Gallery – Changes: Forty Years of Art Practice – Wednesday 10 – Sunday 21 January 2018


“As young art students in the ’70’s to practicing artists today, it is the creative process that continues to be the bridge connecting these artists to their artwork, and to each other”


Change is the key rational of the proposed exhibition, the title of the exhibition refers to David Bowie’s song, Changes, a reflective song about change and passing time, it also refers to an artist defying one’s critics and stepping out on your own artistic reinvention and belief in their art practice. These themes are showcased in the exhibiting artists who since graduating from QCA have made and continue to make strong contributions to the wider community through their knowledge skill and passion. The exhibition is a testament to persistent creative activity and the ‘changes and developments’ throughout their artistic careers. It is also poignant for those artists who have had an association with the former QCA campus at Seven Hills since its foundation in the 1970s.


The question of change in an artist’s work is intriguing. Some, struggle to find a concept, a way of approaching that concept and an individual voice in which to express it, change comes hard. Others see change as a challenge, and make it the very substance of their art. This exhibition explores and showcases the notion of change through the current and past work of these artists.


The group exhibition will include wall-based art work, and installation pieces including video and sculpture. Each art work will have didactic panels that orient and inform viewers of the art works, including statements from each artist describing their art practice and how they interpret the notion of ‘change’ from student to mature practicing artist.


Present and QCA pieces will be exhibited for each artist and in some situations the QCA pieces may be photographs within the didactic panel. POP Gallery provides a large clean space ensuring an appropriate space to exhibit the artworks to enable the communication of the works including the coordinated grouping of the artworks arranged to work collectively as a whole.




We at the ARI Remix Living Archives project would like to kindly recognise, value and acknowledge the immeasurable and invaluable work that artist, curator, exhibition organiser Dennis McCart has contributed to the Changes Project over recent years.


This highly original exhibition recovery project was imagined, conceived and designed by Dennis McCart and is providing many new networking reconnectivity and exhibitionary opportunities for artists participating in the Pop Gallery event and future events. We are grateful for Dennis’s contribution to the diversity of Queensland’s arts ecology.




PDF Catalogue below – please read and share.

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