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Curiocity Brisbane returns | Festival of Art and Science | 24 June – 10 July 2022.

Curiocity Brisbane returns to transform Brisbane’s cultural heart over 17 days, from 24 June – 10 July 2022.

Curated by Brisbane’s own artist, curator and academic, Jay Younger, Curiocity Brisbane is a celebration of science, art and technology, where new possibilities play and big ideas collide.


A celebration of science, art & tech, where new possibilities play and big ideas collide. Kids and family friendly. Free art trail and events. Fun science for adults.
Jay Younger is a Brisbane-based artist, curator and academic. Her curatorial focus is on freedom of artistic expression and the expression of difference within public space as fundamentally linked to democratic values. Furthermore, public art can be seen as opening up a space within the public sphere where difference can be seen and experienced. Jay’s curatorial practice in this arena is dedicated to challenging popular opinions about what public art is and what it can be.
For Curiocity Brisbane WSFB 2022, Jay is excited to work with all manner of artists to bring the latest ideas in science and technology into the public realm.
Jay has curated many significant projects and the impact of her success in the field of public art has been acknowledged in receiving the AIA President’s Award with the citation: ‘Professor Jay Younger’s contribution within the field of public art as an artist curator has provided exemplary best practice models and outcomes in Queensland, the calibre of which is unmatched.’



Discover the Curiocities at South Bank as Curiocity Brisbane celebrates science, art, and technology with a packed program of immersive installations and events from 24 June – 10 July 2022.

Baidam Tihuyil

Baidam Tithuyil

Created by indigenous artist Brian Robinson, Baidam Tithuyil references the Great Shark constellation and explores the conceptual framework of traditional Torres Strait Islander astronomy.

Kuuki Visualisation of In The Air Curiocity

In the Air

An immersive light and soundscape using data from Antarctic ice-core samples to visualise chemical changes in the Earth’s atmosphere. Created by Priscilla Bracks and Gavin Sade with music by Greg Jenkins and Gavin Sade.

Luminous Threads

Luminous Threads

A beautiful work of light art that combines the artisanal craft of embroidery with modern fibre optic technology created by artist and engineer Kirsten Baade. Featuring Australian floral motifs uniting a traditional craft with technology and art.

OHCE By Georgie Pinn


OHCE/ECHO by multimedia artist Georgie Pinn is an interactive public sculpture using live generative animation, high-end facial capture technology and projection-mapped storytelling. Looking at empathy as well as prejudice and make us aware of our choices and perspectives.

DECAY dence Curiocity


A work by Donna Davis challenging our unconscious bias with terms such as pest, germ, decay, versus notions of beauty, value, and status, to explore how these beliefs inform our ecological understanding and action.

Curio Creatures


CurioCreatures reveals the fantastical and mysterious creatures who have survived and adapted to roam the streets of Brisbane and Australia through the observer’s phone created by interactive artists, designers, and storytellers, Alinta Krauth and Jason Nelson.