Elysha Rei (Gould)

Elysha Rei at the front entrance of Made on Margaret St small


About Elysha Rei:

Since finishing with Made. Creative Space, Elysha relocated to Thailand for 18 months to undertake a Master’s in Business Administration whilst setting up the international residency program Sam Rit Residency. She has since held coordination roles at Flying Arts Alliance and is now the Public Programs Officer at Queensland State Archives. She continues to practice as an artist creating works from personal and historical archives which embed narrative and symbolism within a Japanese design aesthetic. Works include portraits, patterns and paper cutting which have been translated into large-scale murals and public art commissions for Councils and private clients. Notable achievements include being invited as the inaugural artist-in-residence at Museum of Brisbane in 2017, large-scale murals for First Coat and Grand Central in Toowoomba, a 2018 recipient of an Asialink Arts Creative Exchange residency in Japan and international solo exhibitions in Bangkok and Tokyo.



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