Cultural Advice: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that the ARI Remix Project contains images, voices or names of deceased persons in websites, photographs, film, audio recordings or printed materials.
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“ ‘Living’ means present, on-going, continuing, unfinished, open-ended.” (Hall, 2001)



Acquittal Report: QASP01007 — 


ARI Remix Community Archives Project: Living Archives, Artist-Runs Past Present Future: A Queensland Remix STAGE THREE – Queensland Artist-Run Heritage 1970- NOW (27 Jan 2020- 3 Dec 2021)



Celebrating Ten Years of Collaborative Memory Work



A community-led online  archival art initiative and Web 2.0 art work  [Currently in development Mar 2011 – Dec 2021]



Queensland Artworker's Alliance Community Meeting, That Space, rear 20 Charlotte Street, Brisbane, 1986. Pictured L-R Anna Zsoldos, Virginia Barratt, Kieran Knox, in foreground, Robert Kinder, Jane Richens, Jay Younger, Dale Chapman among many others. Photographer: Unknown. Courtesy Richens and Doherty Artist Archives



Thanks for kindly participating in and engaging with the ARI Remix Project we are truly grateful.


We hope you are enjoying this collective archival retrieval and recovery artist collaboration as it grows, expands and broadens.


Your Participant & Supporter Feedback Needed: To help us this December-January to finally acquit the arts investment funding kindly provided by Art Queensland for ARI Remix and to continue to improve and nuance the research and grow artist participation we need your detailed feedback via the feedback form below. It’s designed to take ten minutes.


NB: We need to submit the AQ acquittal by Jan 14 2022, so if you can kindly respond soon by Thursday 13 January 2022 that would be truly awesome 🙂




FYI At a glance during ARI Remix Project One Stage Three [2020-2021} artist collabs we have expanded this living archive with over 86 artist memory contributions and 1800 digitized examples of ‘at risk’ ephemeral materials held largely in artists’ “inaccessible” personal archives.


This means the overall and affective contribution to knowledge by the ARI Remix collective [2011-2021] includes over 480 artist memory contributions and over 3200 digitized examples of ‘at risk’ artists’ ephemera, information, first-hand narratives and resources.


Woohoo! Thanks so much for your support and care, for your invaluable personal ,collective and retroactive contributions to knowledge. I am deeply touched by your ongoing interest, generosity and enthusiasm.


Love, hugs and HNY 2022!

Artist & ARI Remix Collective DIY Coordinator

Paul Andrew





Thanks for participating and engaging we are truly grateful.

ARI Remix Collective