Living Archives : ARI Remix Project – 2014-2019

ARI remix is a five-year living archives project.

Its focus is fleshing out and illuminating the ephemeral, forgotten and neglected histories of the many lively and socially engaged artistic scenes along the east coast of Australia during the last two decades of the 20th century.

May 2015- December 2016 will have a focus on Queensland artist-rnn heritage 1980-1990. This is the first stage of the living archives project and has received funding from Arts Queensland to kick start the collection of artist interviews, artist-run space profiles, artist ephemera, contextual accounts, documentation, photographs and videos.

We invite you to post useful commentaries, insights and related archival resources you are happy to share in today’s creative commons and “attention economy” zeitgeist. We are excited about being active participants of the shared open source data movement.

This site is currently in development throughout 2015-16. If you were an active participant in the 1980-1990 artist- run scene and would like to contribute and share your archival images or an interview contact us here: info[at]

In the meantime please visit the Remix Collective social media open-group about the lively 1980-2000 Qld, NSW, ACT Artist-Run Culture scenes @ Facebook – click here

The ARI Remix Project gratefully acknowledges the support of both Arts Queensland and the Australia Council.