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House Conspiracy – House ARIs are making a conspiratorial impact on the artist-run scene in Queensland

They are known as House ARIs and in Brisbane today they have become a popular and reasonably affordable model for artist-runs, House Conspiracy is the newest House ARI on the block.


Looking back for a moment, they made a big impact on the artist-run scene in the 1980s when the phrase “safe as houses” had an added potency in the era of oppression known as The Police State years and unprecedented levels of demolition.


Earlier 1980s iterations of “House ARIs” like The Billboard Project, One Flat, Q Space/Q Space Annexe, artist’s homes, share houses and private spaces were transmogrified from domestic spaces and safe places  into galleries, cultural networking hubs, artist archives, exhibition and co-creative collaboration precincts, some short term, some longer term.


House ARIs in today’s climate of  large scale private sector redevelopment, expensive rentals, lack of availability of warehouses, shopfronts and inner city venues suitable for artist-studios, share spaces, safe places and galleries are adapting and innovating the artist-run model, blurring the lines even further between private and public in the arts and culture sector. And by transforming modest artist homes, share houses and apartments artists are making vital and vibrant shared event horizons.


And perhaps in so doing are unwittingly providing a useful and necessary model for the private sector to learn from, to invest in and to develop as mindfully as so many artists today who are nuancing and inflecting the meaning of home.


House Conspiracy located in Brisbane’s colourful West End is a new contemporary arts space focused on empowering artists to create a more diverse and vibrant Brisbane opening this week. You can read more about this new House ARI here:


Opening this Friday Feb 3, 2017:

At 7pm we open, and you’ll be able to buy some real cheap beer and wine from our fundraising bar as you explore the House.
At 8pm we have Requin
At 9pm, HHAARRPP (This is hhaarrpp)
And at 10pm, OJ Mengel.