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IMA Market Day 2023 | 11 November 2023 10am-4pm | Participating Together, Remembering Together, Creating New Memories & New Networks

IMA Market Day 2023 | 11 November 2023 10am-4pm


So many truly delightful, loving and caring conversations with ARI founders/members past, present and emerging, artists, makers and co-creatives at the “BVAA and Friends” IMA market stall today, woohoo. Thanks, so much Brisbane Visual Arts Advocacy [BVAA] ARI for kindly inviting me along to participate, talk and share ARI memory zines, it was totally brill, and the six hours of lively discussion and engagement with friends and allies, a totally transformative feeling.


A big hearty thanks to both BVAA and the IMA Bookshop Manager Caitlin Sheedy for the immeasurable invisible labour, and an essential DIY, participatory and democratising mindset involved in facilitating, recognising and representing the diversity of creative practice in Queensland. A vivacious array of works and studio insights by artists who self-identify as ARI change agents, BIPOC, Queer LGBTQIA+, chronically ill, living and working with arts and diffability…art works, artefacts and memories produced by people, for people.


In my 48 years of going to the Institute of Modern Art, this annual event is a clarion reminder of the IMA at it’s very best. At the cusp of 50 year anniversary of the IMA in 2025 I hope that the non-dominant, non-elite, non-oppressive, non-lazy, non-profit, non-conservative, actively dialogic, activist-oriented, critical and community-based activity abuzz today helps to directly shape and inform a fabulous, inclusive, emotionally-intelligent and community-based future for the IMA in the next fifty years, and to help make art a little less hard than it often is for Queensland-born/Queensland-based artists…love and hugs Paul Andrew, queer activist, artist and artist facilitator of memory work @vignettestream @extra_zine





BVAA has a stall this Saturday at the @ima_brisbane Market Day!
We are joined by our bestie Paul Andrew from @ari_remix and have wares from other friends of the ARI:
️Tallara Gray @larajgray
️Emily McGuire @emilyrachelmcguire_artist, and
️Peter Kozak @petekozak
Come by anytime from 10-4pm and say g’day!

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