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‘In 1984 I saw…’ – Ian McIntosh – Bedroom Gallery, New Farm, Brisbane 1984

By Ian McIntosh

Bedroom Gallery email correspondences from artist Ian McIntosh to artist Paul Andrew August – October 2018 – Remembering early Brisbane ‘House ARIs’




Hi Paul,




I still have images from the infamous Bedroom Gallery exhibition (Adam Boyd was arrested in the wee hours of morning on the opening night!) Russell Lake was away in Melbourne and furious about it all. Adam Wolter was quite good humored. We had a great crowd – and then I sealed up all the art in a box and brought it with me to the US in 1996, so it is like a time capsule. Many of the pieces for the exhibition had been posted to me, like Hollie’s and Adam B’s. Johnny Willsteed had a nice piece but I can’t put my hands on it now. It was from an exhibition featuring a range of artists called ‘In 1984 I saw…’. Do you remember it? His entry was ‘Smack, smack you’re dead’. Very powerful. Since I opened the box, the bedroom art is starting to scatter! The forces of entropy are at work on us all the time…




I’ve attached works by Hollie, Adam B, Eugene and me (the ‘cow has no idea’ exhibition) and Eugene alone, plus Russell, Zeliko (I think) or is it Jeanelle?