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Artist-Run Initiative



Artist Co-ordinators: Jenna Baldock, Meagan Streader



2012  – Current



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Inhouse ARI is a Brisbane based artist-run initiative that supports local emerging artists and arts writers




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WHEN : 20th -27th Oct
WHERE : Judith Wright Centre
Fission is a culmination of artworks from Brisbane emerging artists challenging or responding to perception/location.

JWCoCA Shopfront Window Video Exhibition will play from Dusk: 20 – 25 October

Featured artists: Jake Sun (Saturday), Karl Shoobridge (Sunday), Braydon Gould (Monday), Erin Groenenboom (Tuesday), Rebecca Daynes (Wednesday),Alicia Lane (Thursday).

Shopfront Exhibition 26-27 October / Opening: Friday 26th October, 6-8pm

Featured artists: Sally Dennis, Nathen Street,Alrey Batol,Amy Longworth,Conor O’Shea

JWCoCA Shopfront Space will be open from 11-5pm, 27th October.



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Inhouse was established in early 2012. It emerged as a response to the lack of opportunities for emerging artists and arts writers, as well as the lack of opportunities for critical discourse surrounding their practices.

Inhouse aims to foster an active critical dialogue surrounding arts practice. Each exhibition pairs an artist and writer to form a platform for discussion. In the lead up to and after an exhibition they host a series of meetings between the artist, arts writer and ourselves; these meetings act as an open forum to critique and analyse arts discourse.  They also treat the artist and arts writer as equals by evenly paying (when possible) and promoting both parties.

Jenna Baldock & Meagan Streader say:

“Artist Run Initiatives tend to form as a reaction to something that is lacking within the arts community, filling the gaps that the institutions, universities and galleries cannot or might not provide. This may be anything from a lack of opportunities to a lack of studio spaces. For us we formed in a response to the lack of critical discussion surrounding practice for emerging practitioners after graduating university.  We also noticed there was a growing number of arts writers in Brisbane but not a lot of opportunities for them.”