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IRELAND ARIs | THE ARTIST-LED ARCHIVE | Curator and artist Megs Morley

Curator and artist Megs Morley’s – initiated The Artist-Led Archive in 2006 as an art project until 2012 – a formidable community-based archival art initiative representing artist-led communities in North and South Ireland active in the 1970 to 2015 timeframe, The Artist-Led Archive was recently reactivated for this exhibition event:

More Than One Maker shares incentives that bring art practitioners, cultural collaborators and communities together to make and activate art projects. Whether created by an artist or a collective, this exhibition uses multiple discourses to stimulate ideas of kinship, agency, utopianism, peer to peer learning and an appreciation for collaborative networks and vision.

Diverse in its representation of collaborative activity, works in this exhibition include documentation and ephemera made by many: Bohler and Orendt’s secret society created ideals of an idol in a failed attempt to sculpt ‘the graph of expediential function’; Gum Collective’s documentary about the challenges and motives for collective support as art graduates enter professional creative life; Oscar Santillan’s A Hymn, which explores physicality and intimacy when a drummer syncs to the drip of a performers sweat; and Megs Morley’s Artist Led Archive, being re-activated as part of More Than One Maker, maps an intricate web of artist led activity over the last 40 years in Ireland.

Taking an open look at the conditions informing collective and collaborative practices, More Than One Maker offers models of how common goals are co-authored and reached. This exhibition facilitates the further study of collectivism in contemporary art practice and discourse, celebrating the politics and pleasure generated by group action.


Megs Morley discusses the history of Irish artist-led and self-organized initiatives and their troubled pasts. This talk reflects Morley’s research interests in artistic strategies of resistance, self-organisation, intervention and collectivism.

This talk was recorded at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, 14 June 2014.