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Johnny Griffin [DJ Johnny G]

Figure 10: Gavin Waller (left) with John Griffin and Angelina Martinez (centre) at the Fag Bar, St Pauls Tavern, Spring Hill 1992. Photographer unknown. Photograph, personal collection



At a time in Brisbane in 1979 when the city was anti-disco, anti-punk, anti-politics, anti-everything a young Johnny Griffin starts up one Brisbane’s most successful retro parties called ‘Flares’ at the original Brisbane Underground Nightclub. Flares was created off the back of punk, drug and violence and was pro-feminist disco playing disco and glam rock. By 1983 Flares was the biggest party in Brisbane and started a residency at Morticia’s Nightclub, which at the time was Brisbane’s leading club for playing electro, goth and rock. Flares was the anti-thesis of Morticia’s and brought funk, disco and new romantic sounds to this almost punk club once a week. Flares grew so fast attracting up to 2,000 people that it went into larger venues like The Metropolis (in the Myer Centre) and then onto The Site in The Valley. In 1996 with the wave of retro-inspired movies like ‘Priscilla Queen Of The Desert’, ‘Studio 54’ and ‘Muriel’s Wedding’, Flares hits a new high and with this Flares survives the new millennium continuing well into 2010, which after this Flares is now a by-request event for the venues.

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