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Juno Gemes


Born: 1944 Budapest, Hungary

Juno Gemes has had over twenty four solo exhibitions in Australia, as well as solo exhibitions in UK, USA, France, Hungary and Germany. Her magnum opus ‘Proof Portraits from the Movement 1978 -2003 Juno Gemes’ curated by Andrew Sayers (National Portrait Gallery) and Rhonda Davis (Macquarie University Art Gallery) and exhibited at The National Portrait Gallery Canberra then Macquarie University Art Gallery which toured major venues around Australia and USA for five years. She has contributed to over forty major group exhibitions including Cuisine & Country curated by Gavin Wilson which toured Australia for four years, and her works are included in collections throughout Australia, as well as in the United Kingdom.

Courtesy of the Artist 2015



Opening of Proof Portraits from the Movement 1976 – 2003 Juno Gemes at The National Portrait Gallery 2003: Beryl Van Opeloo ,Aunt Audrey ,Cristine Hon Linda Burney , Juno Gemes and Brenda Croft.



Juno Gemes:



–  When I asked Lardil Elders on Mornington Island in 1978 “What images should I make—what do you want your fellow Australians to see? This was their answer: “Show them that we are still here, we been here all along. Show them that our culture is still strong. Show them that my girl”. Over the years my work has been a continuous act of advocacy and reciprocity to these instructions.



For Up Close at FireWorks gallery Juno Gemes brings home to Brisbane works created in Queensland some 40 years ago,  historic images  from Mornington Island & The Movement in Queensland . These  Vintage Prints, Hand Tinted Prints and Unique State Photogravures printed in Brooklyn NY in 2015 are exhibited here for family and friends and for our State , National and personal  collections.



May 2014 UP CLOSE  at  Rebecca  Hossack Gallery  London exhibited the work of Juno Gemes and Michael Aird  during The  Conference  Photography   and  Anthropology  at The British  Museum at which they both presented papers.



November 2015 UP CLOSE at Fireworks Gallery brings together the photographic works of Michael Aird , Jo- Anne Dreissens  with  Juno Gemes.



Our family of photographers have collaborated across twenty years since 1994  AIATSIS  project In Our  Time-  1978-2003 Juno Gemes. We now present the  work of three generations of  photographers  together, cutting  across deviding preconceptions  at Fireworks  Gallery .


Courtesy of Juno Gemes 2015





Collective Memory : OZ Underground 1960’s onwards – a living archive initiative


Collective Memory is a living archive – a love letter from the past to the future by Juno Gemes. Collective Memory :Time Machine is a multi media collage created to celebrate the International Underground. Here we continue to share our memories and press clippings with our friends old and new… while also saluting our heroes , heroines , those who we admire and who inspired us – our contemporaries and preceders. The only way forward is by also going backward !

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Juno Gemes is one of Australia’s most
celebrated contemporary photographers.
In words and images she has spent 40
years documenting the changing social
landscape of Australia, and in particular
the lives and struggles of Aboriginal
Australians, a process that culminated in
her being one of the ten photographers
invited to document the National Apology
in Canberra in 2008.