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Launceston Art Co-operative & Snake Pit ARI


The Launceston Art Co-operative was formed on 21 October 1992 by nine artists to provide an artist-run exhibition space for practicing artists and craftspeople who lived in the Launceston area. It was to be self-funded, without government grants or sponsorship, thus giving members freedom in presenting their art. The Co-operative was the brainchild of artist Bea Maddock and ceramicist Robert Ikin.


Bea Maddock, Robert Ikin, Lou Millen among many others


January 1993 – December 1996


Rear of 144 Charles
Street, in Bender’s Lane, Launceston


Three tiers of membership were established. Full membership was limited to 26 members, allowing each member to hold an exhibition for a fortnight each year, with the member having curatorial and administrative responsibility for all aspects of the exhibition. Reserve members, limited to 25 in any one year, automatically became full members the following year. Associate membership was available to interested people who wanted to be included on the mailing list. Patron membership
was introduced in 1995. Patrons made a financial contribution towards the running of the gallery, and in return, as part of their membership, were presented with an original, limited edition print, produced by a member of the Co-operative.