Lesa Hepburn Botanical Fibre Artist | A Brief ARI Memory | Red Hot Fibre, Brisbane 1998

Hi Paul,


As you may know I became involved in ARI’s in Brisbane in the early 1980’s beginning with Aparb Cabespa’s House of Wonder and a number of other ARI’s since then. A few examples of my early work from this period are included below. I had an exhibition titled   ” Weigh In Weigh Out ” with artist colleague Marrianne Behm at That Space in 1987. Marrianne is now an art therapist. Red Hot Fibre was an artist run initiative I established in 1997 in Brisbane and the key aim was to run exhibitions of natural fibre based artwork.


I operated Red Hot Fibre with my husband Gavin McCullagh undertaking exhibitions and events in Brisbane up until 2012. Here are a few examples of archival material about the ARI for ARI Remix. And a few links where you can discover what I am to now in New Zealand.


Red Hot Fibre has been web archived here: