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Marisa Georgiou (@algal__bloom)

Marisa Georgiou


Marisa Georgiou is an inter-disciplinary artist who weaves together diverse strategies for living (or coping) well in their current urban, neoliberal, anthropocentric, colonial situation. They work across disciplines such as embodied movement, social practice, publishing and installation both inside and outside institutional contexts, and often collaboratively. They aim to forefront knowledge systems that are often backgrounded such as embodied, sensory or intuitive knowledge. Embracing the complexity of current crises, they promote experiences that are intimate, gentle, self-aware and care-full, without sacrificing strategy and criticality.

Marisa was co-founder and co-director of people+artist+place from 2016-2019; an arts initiative that focuses on the production of live, site-specific and socially-engaged art. Currently, they chair a local community NFP dedicated to the cultivation of participatory arts and cultural activities in Brisbane and regional Queensland.

Their outlet is performing at techno gigs under the pseudonym algal__bloom: a mostly mammalian but often plant-based being that moves for still-possible futures.

Marisa lives and creates on unceded Jagera and Turrbal land.

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Marisa Georgiou
Mostly mammalian sometimes plant-based artist; living, working and creating on unceded Jagera & Turrbul Country