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Matt Dabrowski



“Matt Dabrowski and the Many Hands of Glamour”




Matt Dabrowski is a practicing artist based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Dabrowski’s practice focuses on exploring cross-disciplinary and interstitial arrangements to provide new systems for advancing complex and ambiguous hypotheses. Notions such as the human condition, the absurdity of consumer fetishism and environmental responsibility are common themes preferably dealt with a poetic and surreal aesthetic. This is conveyed via site-specific, live and ephemeral events; installation; sound; art objects/ sculpture; photography; artists’ books; video; etc. Process and context are major considerations in the heuristic approach and development of Dabrowski’s conveyances, favouring satire, humour and irony to subvert the agencies of the Spectacle. The predominant motivation in creating the work is to shift perspective to avoid engaging popular schemata that dispossess us from meaningful experience, fellowship and social connectedness. His work utilizes authentically crafted or collected materials with an emphasis on collaborative activities that are imbued with a quality of life and activity, which allude to the exuberance naturally occurring in shared space and time.

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“Matt Dabrowski
and the Many Hands of Glamour”
is my Artist name.
Here’s a list of the ARIs I’ve worked in.

2010 Para/Site, HongKong
2009-2010 Old Space, Brisbane
2009 MSSR,Brisbane
2009 Old Space, Brisbane
2009 No Frills*, Brisbane
2008 Blacklight, Brisbane
2002 The Farm, Brisbane
1999 Smith+Stonely
1995 Isnt
1992 Space Plenitude, Brisbane
1991-1994 Omniscient, Brisbane
1990-1991 Gallerie Brutal, Brisbane
1990 AGLASSOFWATER project, Artsite, Brisbane



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Various Private Collections