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Moonlight & Paper [1994-2024] | Queer Life Writing: 1964 to Now | Australian Artist Paul Andrew

Paul Andrew’s video artwork Moonlight & Paper 1994-2024 continues ongoing work with single frame exposure techniques. In this digitally remixed work collage and montage techniques are employed in super 8 filmmaking along with digital enhancements to make an archival art assemblage.

A super 8 montage of affectively collaged materials. A deeply layered archival art assemblage which recognises the potential of super eight film making and the archival afterlives of super eight as a cultural practice regarding issues of gender norms, sexuality, power, queer experiences and plurality.

Paul Andrew is an Australian media artist who cut his teeth in the 1970’s with queer activisms, punk, painting, photo media, collage and amateur Super 8 filmmaking. He is an ardent and ongoing supporter of the participatory and democratising ethos of Super 8 film making. In Andrew’s view the small gauge nature of this popular, modest, local and affordable film media is a cultural practice which shares an affinity with the concept of ‘little stories’ advocated by post modern thinker Lyotard. (Lyotard, 1984)