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National Cultural Policy: Submissions close Monday 22 August 2022 | Thank you NAVA !

The submission deadline for National Cultural Policy is coming up next Monday 22 August 2022. Now is the time to ensure that the needs of the whole of the visual arts ecology are well represented in cultural policy.

We strongly encourage you to make your own submissions, drawing on the recommendations and discussion notes from NAVA’s five Zoom workshops.

Submissions don’t have to be complex, what’s important is that they’re made in large numbers. NAVA has received advice that the government is looking for consistent patterns and clear recommendations that are frequently called for in submissions to include in their new National Cultural Policy.

You can make a submission by either filling in the National Cultural Policy form, or completing the National Cultural Policy submission template and emailing it to can also make an audio or video submission and even send an email in your own words.

Let’s do this…