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October 2019 Featured Artist Social Memory – Queer Performance Artist and Activist – Evelyn Hartogh – 4ZZZ Green It Up & ARI Unruliness in Brisbane in the 1990s

Each month we feature a vibrant artist’s social memory contribution about Australian independent, DIY artist-run initiative (ARI) heritage, past, present or future, accounts that touch on a vivid time in an artists direct lived experience, the social history, the feeling and mood of place, feelings of belonging or not belonging, the political context, zeitgeist and collectivism that often informs Australian ARI based art practice.

One of the joys of collectively generating living archives like this one is that together we are helping bring hidden, undervalued and unvalued knowledge to the canon, and here more specifically to the Australian arts canon. Making knowledge accessible and easily discoverable that may help nuance or expand existing knowledge about Australia’s rich artist-run culture and heritage.

Perhaps one of the most local and distinctive aspects of Brisbane’s and regional Queensland’s archives continuum of ARI culture from a queer perspective, flitting back and forth in time; a key non-linear characteristic during Project One (2011-2021) research are the artists, artist groups and activists who formed the Barjai and MIYA Studio co-ops. A Co-op who are receiving increasing recognition as unruly precursors of contemporary Queensland ARIs.

Keep reading about this 1940s and 1950 Brisbane social and cultural climate here in a pithy 2009 article by Graeme Willett –

This October we feature an artist memoir by queer performance artist and activist Ev Hartogh (a.k.a Evelyn Hartogh) whose antagonistic and unruly art practice continues to shake up conservative society, homophobia, transphobia……

PHOTO: Anna Zsoldos, Ev Hartorgh in Performance, 4ZZZ Greening It Up, Shamrock Hotel, Brisbane 1993 Ev Hartogh Artist Archives

Read Ev’s artist memoir here:

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