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Old Space | Artist Studios | Bowen Hills | December 2008 – July 2010 by Matt Malone


I have been active in the visual artists in Brisbane since graduating from Queensland College of Art in 2002. I maintained an arts practice for many years before focusing on a professional career in museums and galleries.


During an 18-month period from December 2008 I operated artist studios in Bowen Hills. Old Space was initiated to provide affordable studio space for visual artists. I accessed and utilised a broad network of artist friends and colleagues to activate the studio, as well as host a number of exhibition events.


During the period some 16 artists occupied the studios and a significant number of additional artists were involved as guests. Many of the artists connected with Old Space continue to be active in the Brisbane art scene.


Matt Malone

Old Space, Director




Address: 62 Abbottsford Road Bowen Hills Q 4006
Opened December 2008
Closed mid-2010

Studio artists

Brent Wilson
Michael Barnett
Chris Bennie
Rob Corless
Christian Flynn
Matt Malone
Jonathan McBurnie
Dhana Merritt
David Spooner
Gabriella Szablewska
Carly Scoufos
Karla Marchesi
Paul Rigley
Eliza Adam
Shaun O’Connor
Rod Bunter
Sebastian Moody
Simone Tops
Nick Ashby
PJ Hickman
Fiona Foley
Jane Balkin
DJ Return Again
Potato Masta
David Thomas
Cezary Stulgis
Gordon Craig
Matt Dabrowski and the Many Hands of Glamour
Alice Lang

“Lake Lycanthropy and Your Albedo Ratio”, Artist Matt Dabrowski, Old Space, 2010



This image shows an installation titled, “Lake Lycanthropy and Your Albedo Ratio” at an ARI and studio space in Albion called ‘Old Space’, run by Matt Malone in 2010. Standing Left is Karla Marchesi, Painter, Berlin. Right, Amy Vuleta, writer, Melbourne.




For “Lake Lycanthropy and Your Albedo Ratio” (2010) at Brisbane’s OLD SPACE (ARI), I mounted a video projector in the warehouse roof to position an image of the full moon traversing the base of a large water filled hand crafted cement luna-crater. The video projection of the moon was framed in the crater. The work translated as a luna reflection on the water surface, even though it was obvious that it was a pixelated projection and the warehouse had a roof disallowing any stellar reflections.. Referring to technological mediation and the physical senses. The piece resonated with the barren and spacious ambience of the industrial warehouse it was situated in. Red gelled flood lights beamed horizontally across the crater so that people could see their red reflection amidst the ‘TV’ blue water and mesmerizing luna transit. For the viewer, who completes the artwork, the effect of the arrangement is a simultaneous narcissistic and cosmological experience. I reprised “Lake Lycanthropy and Your Albedo Ratio” at Griffith University’s Graduate Art Show where it received the Judges Special Commendation.




Old Space was a Super-amazing huge Studio Space on the railway line in Albion. Studio Artists include Chris Bennie, Karla Marchesi and many more…




Matt Dabrowski





Photo caption: Old Space exhibition event, ‘World’s best practice’, 29 August 2010. Photo credit: Sam Scoufos