Cultural Advice: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that the ARI Remix Project contains images, voices or names of deceased persons in websites, photographs, film, audio recordings or printed materials.

(Re) PRESENTING 2021 – OPEN CALL – ARI Remix Artist-Run Social Memory Contributions – New Artist & Artworkers Memory Blog Posts Welcomed – ‘A Queensland Remix’ 1970 to Now

OPEN CALL – ARI Remix Artist Social Memory Artists’ Contributions 2021- A Queensland Remix – Remembering Together through cultural storytelling…



Have a story to tell and share?  New contributions about the hidden histories, voices, networks and records of Australian artist-run culture and heritage are welcomed… 



Hello. Paul Andrew artist and DIY coordinator wishing you, your family, friends and colleagues the very best for health and well-being in 2021. I am delighted to let you know that, yes, we are indeed working on the third and final stage of the three stage ARI Remix Living Archives & Social Memory Project [Project One March 2011-December 2021]. This will be a collective ten year anniversary initiative. We are looking forward to including your independent artist-run memory too and a small selection of evocative artists’ ephemera from your personal collection.


FYI: With current and ongoing Covid related challenges and restrictions, the next three artists’ contributions deadlines for written posts with digital images of artists’ ephemera and documentation have been changed ever so slightly.



These deadlines for for both new “planned” and curated [12 artists who have kindly expressed interest – thanks again:)  ] and for new “unplanned” voluntary contributions [ up to 10 artist/artworker contributions are here for your diary as a wee reminder :


Summer 2021

Friday 28 January 2021



Autumn 2021

Friday 26 March 2021



Winter 2021

Friday 29 May 2021



This will be the final deadline for Project One Stage Three (the final stage 🙂 )



Participate: At a glance:



We aim to keep blog posts simple, easy to read, easy to discover and access – and fyi – we like to call it the KISS Principle; keep it simple sweetheart:

  • Your cultural story and artist profile. Artist profiles are up to 150 words [word document format] with images. [1200 pixels] Include current bio and cv, key artist-run collaborations, related links including social media urls.
  • Cultural Story [Blog Post]. Your personal reflection 300 – 1500 words about Brisbane Meeanjin and regional Queensland artist-run culture – 1970s,1980s, 1990s, 2000s and current
  • Up to twelve captioned digital images of artists’ ephemera  – all digital images need to be jpg or tif files at 1200 pixels with detailed captions including title, artist(s), date, place, name of artists’ collection [provenance] and contextual information up to 50 words thanks. Accessibility descriptions are encouraged.
  • Include your head shot if possible 🙂
  • Include any useful url links ; pdfs, vimeo, you tube, socials etc.
  • email the ARI Remix Project  DIY Coordinator at : artsmedia[at] – remember to use the @ symbol in this email address.



Here are a few recent D.I.Y  ‘living archive’ examples [memory blog posts] to whet your creative blogger’s appetite, from small to a bit longer in form either way is good as we weave together these small fragments of memory to make an expanded polyvocal trace of memory together:

Artists: Next Door ARI – Ella Callander and Abigail Rutter



Verbatim ARIs 2021 – Doors Opening, Celebrating One Year In – Interview with Nextdoor ARI @ Boxcopy

Artist: Gary Warner




SONIC SKETCHBOOKS | Artist Gary Warner Podcasts

Artist: Jeremy Staples & Natasha Lee Wills




(Re) Presenting 2020 | ‘People Who Make Things And Think About Stuff’ | Interview with artist Jeremy Staples | a repost courtesy Natasha Wills @ natashaleewills

Curator & Artist: Angela Bailey




(Re) Presenting Personal Archives – Remembering memories of our LGBTIQ+ shared histories by curator and photographer Angela Bailey

Artist: Casselle Mountford




Artist Casselle Mountford – Remembering 1990s Artist-Runs – WANDA, Atomic Artists, XB Installation, Omniscient, Boulder Lodge, Bauhaus Gallery, BARTleme Galleries, The Butterfactory, Doggett Street Studios…

Artist: Meagan Mendels




Trance Plant, Omniscient Collective, Brisbane Powerhouse in Ruins, 1994 – A Memory by Artist Meagan Mendels

Artist: Troy Anthony-Baylis



Troy-Anthony Baylis – Artist Reflections of ARIs, Art and Queer living in Brisbane in the 1990s




Contributions from artists and artworkers involved in artist-run activities in interstate and regional areas 1970 to Now are also very welcome to contribute illustrated  blog post memories.




Key words:

Collective memory, Artist-run Brisbane Meeanjin, artist-run Queensland, artist-run Australia, DIY, independent, hidden histories, artists’ ephemera, archiving affectively, BIPOC, queer, LGBTQIA+, socially inclusive, gender inclusive, culturally inclusive, artist books, zines, zine making, prints, printmaking, mail art, photocopy art, socially-engaged art, installation art, experimental art, collectives, cooperatives, radical Brisbane


Thanks again to everyone who have so enthusiastically participated so far, an overwhelming response over the past decade with over 300 Australian artists and artworkers writing, illustrating and sharing their memories. I am truly grateful for such collective and individual kindness and generosity.


Very Best Wishes for Summer 2021,


Paul Andrew

Artist & DIY Project Coordinator

ARI Remix Project


PROJECT ONE – Stages One & Two
of this project are supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and have been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. Stage Three of this project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.


The ARI Remix collective acknowledges and respects the traditional and ongoing custodians of the lands where we live, make and work. We pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging, and acknowledge that sovereignty has never been ceded. We support the Uluru statement from the heart.


Header Image: QAA Newsletter November1986 – Courtesy That Space Archives