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… Out Of Time | Carl Warner | 29 June – 17 July, 2022 | Jan Manton Gallery | Brisbane Meeanjin


… Out Of Time | Carl Warner
29 June – 17 July, 2022

Squares within rectangles. Squares side by side, above and below, forming rectangles. Squares removed from rectangles, from their centres, from their edges, making new shapes, creating distinct patterns. Squares are all that is left from those

These times. Time seen. Time measured. Time divided. Time for, time against. Time, apparently.

Times one.
A thing multiplied by itself is squared.

Times two.
When is the time of a thing? When, is the time of a thing.

Times three
Once upon a …
Taking …
…out of time.

Jan Manton Gallery is pleased to present … out of time by Carl Warner on show between 29 June to 17 July, 2022. Alongside new works, the exhibition presents a selection of Warner’s archival prints in four genres: Concrete Pasture, Nature, Wood, and Metal. The gallery invites visitors to leaf through Warner’s unseen working photographs spanning back to his first exhibition from 1988. Each of the prints is a vintage, unique, one-off edition.




Exhibition Events

Artist Meet | Saturday 2 July & Sunday 3 July, 12 – 4pm
Join Carl in the gallery for a casual artist meet and tour as he installs new works.

Artist Talk | Sunday 17 July, 3 – 4pm
Of Matter and Memory will be a discussion on Carl’s latest works and archival prints, and the thematics surrounding memory inspired by the French philosopher Henri Bergson. Carl will be joined by Gary Warner and Melody Chen, moderated by Alain Guillemain.



Carl Warner
Carl Warner is renowned for his minimalist photographic works. He has been practicing photography for over twenty years. In 2006 Warner launched ‘Sensing the Surface’, a retrospective exhibition held at the University of Queensland Art Museum celebrating 10 years of Warner’s photographic practice. The publication, also entitled ‘Sensing the Surface’, was also released by the Museum to coincide with the exhibition.

The artist’s refined skill in photographic formalism translates the detail into subject. Warner uses the camera to record the detail he observes in the urban, industrial and natural environment, but does so in a way which renders this surface reality abstract. As curator Dr Sally Butler writes, ‘Warner’s photographs examine the surfaces of objects framing a language out of overlooked details and transforming commonplace space into a space of exceptional insight’ (Sensing the Surface cat., 2006).